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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shahrizat slams news portals, says God is with Utusan

The Wanita Umno chief goes on a tirade against 'unfair' news portals, but sings praises for Utusan over its sincerity.
KUALA LUMPUR: Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said today that Malaysian news portals give “unfair and irresponsible coverage” of Barisan Nasional, whereas God is with Malay daily Utusan due to its “sincerity”.
“There are pros and cons to social media, but the cons is that it has no limits. They speak without responsibility, especially news portals,” said the Wanita Umno chief in her winding-up speech at the Umno general assembly today.
“I don’t need to elaborate on that. [The news portals] use the word ‘Malaysia’ in their name, am I right? What is this… if you use the word ‘Malaysia’, then you must write with pride, honour and dignity!” she cried.
She was likely referring to news portals such as Free Malaysia Today, MalaysiaKini and The Malaysian Insider, which have often been accused of being “pro-opposition” due to their critical stance towards the ruling government.
Shahrizat today claimed that a common “trick” used by news portals was to write provocative headlines that lead people into trouble.
“How can it be like that? You want to fight for democracy, am I right? Come on… even in the media, pro-opposition news portals, you have to be fair to everyone.
“If you have pride in your profession, do it.”
On the other hand, she said she “saluted” Umno-owned Utusan and its board member Abdul Aziz Ishak for its “sincerity in championing religion, the nation, the country and the people”.
“I notice that Utusan has always been targeted ceaselessly. Why does this happen? The opposition keep suing them, people do all sorts of things to Utusan…
“But Utusan remains steady because it is sincere in championing religion, the nation, the country and the people. I salute Utusan,” said Shahrizat, without a trace of irony in her voice.
“Do not be afraid. Why? Because, ultimately, God is with Utusan.”
She reminded the people in the hall that while “the pen is mightier than the sword”, there was a Malay saying that roughly translates to “a knife can eat its owner”.
“Remember that. Do not target Utusan so much. Because Utusan has its own soul,” declared Shahrizat.
‘Give us fair coverage’
Shahrizat said she felt compelled to bring up the issue after a reporter had asked her what Wanita Umno was currently doing.
“Excuse me? Join us on the ground, then you know what we are doing. Don’t go and ask me!” she seethed.
“I want to ask, as the Wanita Umno chief, give space and chance to the women of Barisan Nasional, to its component parties,” said Shahrizat.
“Write about what we fight for, what we do… When it comes to other NGOs, even if they only have five members, whoah, it’s like they are the champions of women! Why is that happening?
“You have to be fair to all of them.”

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