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‘Hold me accountable for Oh My God music video’

Controversial rapper Namewee says music video was made to promote religious harmony and peace.
NameweePETALING JAYA: Controversial rapper Namewee says that if the authorities want to hold anyone accountable for the production of the ‘Oh My God’ music video, then the individual should be him.
Namewee whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, said it was him alone who produced the music video, and conceptualised the contents as well as wrote the lyrics, and composed the song.
In a recent Facebook posting, Namewee said: “‘Oh My God’ was the sound track for the movie ‘The Big Power’. (Taiwanese band) Nine One One was only responsible for singing and performing in the music video.
“If you want accountability, then please do so against me.”
On Aug 21, Namewee was arrested upon his arrival at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and remanded in police custody for four days for investigations under Section 295 of the Penal Code for allegedly “defiling a place of worship with intention to insult the religion.”
He was released on Thursday although the police are not ready to let the case go.
According to Penang police chief Abdul Ghafar Rajab, the police have requested Interpol’s assistance to locate the three members of the Taiwanese band.
In the music video, Namewee and the band members are seen singing and dancing in several places of worship in Penang.
Their antics however outraged certain sectors of the public, with 20 NGOs lodging police reports against the rapper, who previously courted controversy with his video, ‘Negarakuku’ that mocked the national anthem.
Namewee however claimed that his most recent music video was made to promote religious harmony and peace.
“The characters are not religious leaders, but are only ‘representative characters’.”
He also blamed his arrest on the “extreme Malay media” for making an issue of the video while Malaysians of other religions did not think there was anything wrong with it.
Namewee pointed out that he had also obtained the necessary permission to shoot the music video in the various places of worship.

Feeling cheated by DBKL’s new parking rates

The 100 per cent increase in parking fees in KL is a double blow as it is only applicable for the whole hour and not a fraction of it unlike how it is in PJ.
DBKLA good friend of mine came for our usual breakfast gathering the other day, all upset. Apparently she had some issues with the parking machine in the neighbourhood, and felt cheated.
You see, the neighbourhood we usually meet at is under Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). Previously, the parking charges was RM0.50 per hour. Recently it has been increased by 100 per cent. My friend parked her car at 8:08am and struggled to find sufficient coins to cover the two hours we usually spend together every Wednesday morning.
She only found RM1.90 in her purse.
Thinking that would do, she proceeded inserting the coins. The parking coupon was soon printed – but instead of a little less than two hours of parking time which she was entitled to, she was given only one hour of parking.
Parking Rate: RM1.00 per hour
Parking Paid: RM1.90
Parking Time: 8:08 to 9:07
Alarmed by the incident, my friends and I compared our parking coupons – I paid RM2.50 for two and a half hours but received only two hours; another friend paid RM1.50 but received an hour of parking time; the only one friend who paid RM2.00 received what she paid for – two hours’ of parking time.
Not willing to let this go, I checked the terminal number of the parking machines on the parking coupon to determine if this had something to do with a faulty machine – I found that all our coupons were issued from different terminals, indicating that this was a problem associated with a faulty system. So I did what a typical woman would do – I snooped around.
To my dismay, it was in fact mentioned on the tiny screen of the parking machine that the parking rate was RM1.00 per hour “atau sebahagian daripadanya”. This means the parking rate is only applicable for a whole hour and not a fraction of it. In other words, you can only pay for one hour or two hours and not anything in between.
Darn. Looks like it is the consumers’ fault for not rolling our eyes big enough to read the tiny print on the screen, eh?
But then again, if that is how the system was meant to work, should it not be programmed to cough out the excess payment that was insufficient to cover the extra hour?
Parking Rate: RM1.00 per hour
Parking Paid: RM1.90
Parking Time: 8:08 to 9:07
Excess Payment: RM0.90
I find it quite odd that DBKL, although using a new system from Sweden which cost them RM23 million to install, falls short of the old parking machines in my own neighbourhood, Petaling Jaya – which takes into account every sen inserted in the coin slot.
Parking Rate: RM0.60 per hour
Parking Paid: RM0.90
Parking Time: 8:08 to 9:37
If the Petaling Jaya City Council can do it, why not DBKL?
This actually raises an important question – is DBKL cheating consumers or are they just being plain ignorant?
Frankly consumers like me feel cheated not only by the increase in parking rates in KL and the fact that the parking machines are eating up our coins without giving us the sufficient parking time, but also because every now then, the machines swallow our coins and do not issue a coupon in return – when that happens, we end-up paying more. Sometimes machines turn faulty right after coins are inserted – as I experienced twice last month – and heck, I ended-up paying more and more!
An acquaintance of mine, recently received a summons from DBKL for not paying parking fees despite her already having made the payment via a smartphone parking application called JomParking. To settle the matter, she now has to make a trip to the DBKL office, a trip that will incur additional costs for her – not forgetting more parking fees!
Angered, a few friends and I got down to some serious maths the other day:
The new parking rate is now RM1.00 per hour. One parking bay can earn up to RM8 in a day (8 hours @ RM1.00 p/hr). For 25 working days, one parking bay can earn up to RM200 a month. Taking into account the 46,100 parking bays in Kuala Lumpur, that would deliver a revenue of RM9.2 million in just one month and a whopping RM110.4 million in a year.
Mind you, this is only based on the increased parking rate and not all the other issues I’ve mentioned above. Seriously, where does all this money go?
Feeling optimistic that the revenue from parking would be used to improve our public transportation, I did some research but I almost fell off my chair upon finding out that DBKL has been out-sourcing the parking system to third parties for the past four decades. Last year it was Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP) who paid 35 per cent of their gross revenue (RM0.50 per hour before the 100 per cent increase) to DBKL in return for the rights to manage the city’s parking system, and this year, based on the boards I see around neighbourhoods in Kuala Lumpur, it is Vista Summerose Sdn Bhd.
Two things seem to be crystal clear:
  • No effort has been put into improving our public transportation woes despite the claim that the increased parking rates were to reduce heavy traffic.
  • Consumers like you and me will continue to carry the heaviest burden by forking out more and more every time we want to park our cars.

MASwing plane skids off runway at Marudi Airport

Four passengers and two crew members on board the aircraft are safe and the plane is not damaged but grounded for engineering inspection.
MASwing planeMIRI: A Twin Otter aircraft of MASwings skid off the runway while landing at Marudi Airport this afternoon.
Marudi Fire and Rescue Station chief, Zulbada Alior said the plane was carrying four passengers and two crew members and was on its way from Miri to Marudi when the incident occurred.
“The weather was fair and the aircraft skidded 30 metres from the airport runway into a field near the runway,” he said when contacted by Bernama today.
He said all passengers and crew members were safe and no casualties were reported.
He said the plane was not damaged.
Meanwhile MASwings, in a statement following the incident, said the Marudi Airport runway was closed after a Twin Otter (DHC6) aircraft operating flight MH3568 went off the runway upon landing at 3.55pm today.
“The aircraft is currently grounded to allow engineering inspection and maintenance to be conducted before returning to service,” it said.
It also said MASwings may have to reschedule its flight frequency for its Miri-Marudi routes following the runway closure.
The MH3568 flight took off from Miri Airport at 3.40pm.
The Twin Otter aircraft is part of the MASwings Rural Air Services (RAS) fleet in Sarawak.


Minister Abdul Rahman slammed Guan Eng for claiming credit for things he did not do.
Minister Abdul Rahman said Guan Eng was not fit to be a Chief Minister for claiming credit for things he did not do.
(Malaysia Outlook) – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is shamelessly taking credit for reduction of the state’s debt from some RM600 million in 2008 to current RM70mil, said Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan.
The truth is, he said it was the federal government that helped to reduce Penang’s debt.
The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said Chief Minister Guan Eng had been boasting that it was his administration’s efforts for the reduction of the state debt when he was not responsible for it.
He said Guan Eng had been boasting around as though he was a great and good leader for reducing the state government’s debt when in actual fact it was due to efforts by the former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration.
“We should be aware that it was not him (Guan Eng) who settled the state debts, instead it was an act of non-discriminatory assistance by the federal government during Pak Lah’s tenure,” said Rahman after officiating UMNO Permatang Pauh division meeting in Penang today.

Guan Eng is unashamedly claiming that he was responsible for the reduction in state's debt when he was not.
Guan Eng is unashamedly claiming that he was responsible for the reduction in state’s debt when he was not.
The minister said Guan Eng was not fit to be the Chief Minister as he was keen of claiming credits for “things he did not do”.
Under the water restructuring exercise, RM655.2 mil worth of Penang’s water-related core assets of the Penang Water Supply Board (PBAPP) were transferred to the federal government managed Pengurusan Aset Air Bhd (PAAB).
This means that all Penang debts had been transferred to the federal government, hence a 95% slash of state debts, thanks to the Putrajaya administration.
PBAPP will have to pay PAAB an annual lease rental of RM14.56 mil over 45 years for those assets, which would work out to some RM655 mil.
Upon expiry of the lease, the state land will automatically go back to the state.
In effect, this means the state government or PBAPP won’t have to pay interest on its current outstanding loan while the debt burden will now be repaid by PBAPP through annual lease charges over a longer period.
The lease rentals will be tax deductible.
Under restructuring agreement, the Penang government was granted an allocation of RM1.2 billion for the expansion of Mengkuang Dam in Bukit Mertajam, mainland Seberang Perai mainland.
Rahman also slammed DAP’s failure in governing Penang in the right way as it could not keep up to the Barisan Nasional’s level of standards and governance.
He cited issues pertaining to land sales and lop-sided development as good examples of DAP’s poor governance.
“They criticise the federal government but their own internal matters such as land and developers issues and traffic-flow troubles is yet to be solved.
“The DAP had administrated the state for almost 10 years but they have yet to solve the people’s problem.
“In fact they are selling more of people’s lands to outsiders and developers,” said Rahman, adding that the state government also did not build low-cost houses for the poor in Penang.


Image result for TUN RAZAK  SELEPAS TRAGEDI 1969?

Berikut ini adalah tulisan seorang "bangsa Kelantan" yang menetap di luar negara berdasarkan tontonannya secara live ucapan Tun Mahathir Mohamad di Ketereh pada 26 Ogos lalu.

Tulisan ini sudah banyak tersebar di media sosial serta grup Whatsapp dan dikongsikan di sini untuk kebaikan kita bersama, mudah-mudahan perubahan semakin dekat dengan hati kita. (SH 28/08/2016)

1. Malam tadi saya menonton lintas langsung program Bicara Rakyat di kampung saya, Ketereh. Kelantan. Program tersebut menampilkan Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dan Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir.

2. Saya bersengkang mata hingga jam 2:00 pagi waktu Hobart untuk menonton kesemua ucapan dimana Tun M menjadi penceramah terakhir.

3. Telah menjadi kebiasaan saya sejak dari kecil, saya cuba untuk tidak melepaskan peluang mendengar atau membaca ucapan Tun M, terutamanya dalam program-program politik.

4. Ini kerana ucapan beliau sarat dengan maklumat-maklumat dan fakta-fakta yang menarik.

5. Dalam ucapan malam tadi, beliau menyentuh tindakan pemimpin-pemimpin BN yang mengutuk beliau kerana bekerjasama dengan pembangkang.

6. Beliau menekankan bahawa di dalam politik, strategi amatlah penting. Menurut Tun M, selaku belas Pengerusi BN, rahsia BN menang di dalam pilihanraya ialah kerana mereka tidak bertanding melawan sesama sendiri.

7. Tun M menegaskan bahawa kita perlu ingat yang Tun Razak menubuhkan Barisan Nasional selepas tragedi 13 Mei dengan bekerjasama dengan parti-parti pembangkang di waktu itu seperti Gerakan, PPP (People’s Progressive Party), SUPP dan juga PAS. Menurut Tun M, DAP pada masa itu juga dijemput untuk bersama, tetapi parti tersebut menolak.

8. Oleh itu, menurut Tun M, bukanlah sesuatu yang pelik sekiranya BERSATU bersedia bekerjasama dengan parti-parti pembangkang yang lain. Tun Razak bekerjasama dengan pembangkang pada waktu itu untuk mewujudkan sebuah kerajaan yang kukuh.

9. Ini satu hujah yang amat menarik!

10. Jika kita imbas kembali, dalam Pilihanraya Umum 1969, Gerakan telah Berjaya menubuhkan kerajaan di Pulau Penang dengan merampasnya dari MCA. PPP pula hampir membentuk kerajaan di Perak (hanya kekurangan dua kerusi) manakala PAS pula membentuk kerajaan di Kelantan.

11.  Pada 1972, Gerakan dan PPP menyertai Parti Perikatan. Ianya kemudian diikuti oleh PAS. Akhirnya pada 1973, Barisan Nasional dibentuk. 

12. Oleh itu, jika pemimpin BN berkata tindakan BERSATU yang sedia bekerjasama dengan pembangkang adalah satu pengkhianatan kepada orang Melayu, bukankah ianya bermakna mereka berkata tindakan Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak bergabung dengan pembangkang dalam membentuk BN juga satu pengkhianatan? Bayangkan jika DAP bersetuju untuk bersama BN ketika itu!

13. Bagi saya, ianya bukanlah satu pengkhianatan. Tetapi satu strategi politik yang ampuh untuk membentuk kerajaan yang kukuh dan stabil selepas negara melalui tragedi 13 Mei.
14. Sama-samalah kita fikirkan!

Dr Radzi Jidin
27 Ogos 2016
Untuk FB Bicara Malaysia

[VIDEO & GAMBAR] #TangkapMO1: Syabas & Tahniah Untuk Mahasiswa/i

Laporan Langsung #TangkapMO1: Masjid Negara dan Sogo ke Dataran Merdeka 

Hari ini himpunan aman #TangkapMO1 dimulakan di dua lokasi di hadapan Masjid Negara dan pusat membeli belah Sogo di Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur. 

Perhimpunan yang dianjurkan gabungan mahasiswa ini yang disokong dikalangan NGO, aktivis, Bersih dan parti politik telah bersama mengerakkan demontrasi aman ini, untuk membebaskan Malaysia daripada individu yang dilabelkan sebagai 'Malaysian Official 1' oleh Jabatan Keadilan (DoJ) Amerika Syarikat. 

Lokasi Sogo : 1.30 petang 

Dataran Merdeka dan sekitar Menara Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) sudahpun ditutup dan dikawal oleh pihak polis. Di hadapan Sogo orang ramai sudah mula berkumpul. 

Lokasi Masjid Negara : 2.00 petang 

Selepas solat Zohor peserta demontrasi mula berhimpun dengan melaungkan slogan "Hidup Mahasiswa". Ketika ini Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam Khalid Samad sedang berucap di hadapan Masjid Negara. 

Beliau mengucapkan tanniah kepada mahasiswa dan anak muda yang gigih menganjurkan himpunan #TangkapMO1. Mahasiswa ujarnya lagi, terpaksa menanggung beban atas penyelewengan kerajaan dalam isu 1MDB apabila pinjaman PTPTN terpaksa dipotong. 

Lokasi Masjid Negara: 2.30 petang 

Sasterawan Negara Datuk A Samad Said berkata beliau berasa bangga kerana dapat melihat kebangkitan mahasiswa menuntut hak mereka. 

"Saya berasa bangga menjadi seorang datuk kerana saya sempat melihat cucu-cucu saya menuntut hak mereka. Saya minta pihak polis memberikan kebenaran kepada kami untuk berarak ke Dataran Merdeka. 

"Saya juga bangga kerana setelah beberapa dekad mahasiswa bangkit. Saya ini 'mahasitua' bukan mahasiswa tapi saya turut berada di sini. Saya merestui apa yang sedang dilakukan ini," katanya yang hadir bersama isterinya. 

Lokasi Dataran Merdeka: 3.20 petang 

Berlaku sedikit kekecohan di hadapan Dataran Merdeka namun berjaya diredakan ARiF. 

Ketika ini dua kumpulan dari Sogo dan Masjid Negara sudah bergabung berkumpul di hadapan Dataran Merdeka. 

Dua kumpulan dari Masjid negara dan dari Sogo mula berada di Dataran Merdeka sejak jam 3.20 petang 

Sekitar Dataran Merdeka: Jam 4.00 petang 

Pentas ucapan yang berada di hadapan kawasan Dataran merdeka kini di pindahkan di hadapan kawasan DBKL pihak penganjur tidak mahu menghalang lalu lintas. 

Himpunan secara rasmi di hadapan kawasan Dataran Merdeka dimulakan dengan ucapan wakil mahasiswa. 

Suasana himpunan yang dianggarkan dihadiri seramai 2,000 penyokong ini dimeriahkan dengan nyanyian lagu semangat 'Ale-ale Malaysiaku' yang diiringi gendang meriuhkan lagi suasana perhimpunan #Tangkap MO1 petang ini. Lagu-lagu mahasiswa ini bersama rakyat berkumandang di Jalan Raja Laut berhadapan bangunan DBKL. 

Dalam ucapan mahasiswa itu, jurucakap Gabungan # TangkapMO1, Anis Syafiqah Md Yusof menyampaikan amanatnya dalam perhimpunan diadakan. Selain mengucapkan terima kasih kepada peserta yang hadir untuk menyokongan usaha dilakukan gabungan mahasiswa ini. 

Beliau juga berterima kasih kepada pihak keselamatan terutama kehadiran seramai 600 anggota polis yang memberikan kerjasama sebaik mungkin kepada semua peserta dan penganjur kali ini. 

Himpunan tamat jam 4.30 petang. Anis Syafiqah meletakkan patung mirip Najib ke penjara olok-olok. 

Terdapat juga patung mirip hartawan Jho Low, anak tiri Najib Riza Aziz dan isteri perdana menteri Rosmah Mansor. 

Low dan Riza dinamakan secara langsung dalam saman sivil Jabatan Kehakiman AS. 

MO1 dalam dirujuk sebagai mempunyai hubungan keluarga dengan Riza dan seorang ahli politik yang berkuasa di negara ini. -MD/MK 



Kita ucapkan SYABAS dan TAHNIAH kepada anak-anak muda khususnya mahasiswa yang menganjur dan menyertai Himpunan #TangkapMO1 semalam. 

Mereka membuktikan mereka boleh melakukan sekalipun terpaksa menghadapi dan menanggung risiko yang pelbagai terutamanya dari pihak berkuasa yang sebelum ini tidak henti-henti menyatakan himpunan itu tidak sah. 

Dan mereka membukti mereka adalah pemuda-pemudi yang sanggup bangun menentang kemungkaran dan kezaliman tanpa rasa takut dan ragu. 

Kebangkitan perjuangan mahasiswa ini adalah sesuatu yang menyegarkan iklim perjuangan rakyat setelah beberapa dekad mahasiswa meminggirkan diri akibat dari kehadiran Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti 1971. 

Sebelum ini, slogan perjuangan mahasiswa sering menjadi laungan di kampus-kampus. Bermula dari zaman perjuangan mahasiswa UM dengan ‘student union’, kebangkitan mahasiswa Islam di zaman Anwar Ibrahim, hinggalah perjuangan mahasiswa pasca reformasi 

Semalam mahasiswa kembali bangkit. Ia seperti menghidupkan kembali kenyataan bahawa mahasiswa merupakan pewaris kepimpinan negara dan masyarakat. Sejarah membuktikan keperkasaan, keaktifan dan sifat progresif gerakan mahasiswa telah membuahkan hasil yang cukup lumayan bagi sesebuah negara pada masa depan. Mahasiswa dilihat pendokong utama ke arah reformasi masyarakat. 

Meskipun tidak ramai yang menyertainya iaitu sekitar 2,000 kata pemerhat (walaupun anggaran sebenar jauh dari angka tersebut dan jauh lebih ramai dari demonstrasi anti perlaksanaan program dwi bahasa (DLP) yang dianjurkan sebuah parti Islam yang mendakwa telah ditubuhkan lebih 60 tahun di Taman Tasik Titiwangsa yang hanya dihadiri 500 orang), namun bagi satu aktiviti masyarakat yang terkepung dengan pelbagai rintangan dan tekanan, himpunan anjuran mahasiswa dianggap telah berjaya di dalam misi mereka. 

Apa yang mereka tunjukkan semalam lebih baik dari ulama-ulama yang bisu terhadap kezaliman dan kemungkaran, yang berselindung di sebalik tema "politik matang" kononnya, menjadi penasihat kononnya, sedangkan pada masa yang sama memreka menjadi petualang rakyat yang menghulurkan tangan bekerjasama dengan para koruptor untuk menekan dan menindas rakyat. Yang paling jelek dan paling malang mereka seolah-olah memberikan endorsementdan rubber-stamp Islam terhadap kerja-kerja jahat dan zalim yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah. 

Di dalam Al-Quran tercatat indah kisah pemuda-pemuda yang berani bangun untuk menyuarakan kebenaran: 

Kami kisahkan kepadamu (Muhammad) cerita ini dengan benar. Sesungguhnya mereka adalah pemuda-pemuda yang beriman kepada Tuhan mereka,
dan Kami tambah pula untuk mereka petunjuk. Dan Kami meneguhkan hati mereka diwaktu mereka berdiri, lalu mereka pun berkata, “Tuhan kami adalah Tuhan seluruh langit dan bumi; kami sekali-kali tidak menyeru Tuhan selain Dia, sesungguhnya jika kami berkata demikian, kami telah mengucapkan perkataan yang amat jauh dari kebenaran.”
(QS Al-Kahfi 13-14) 

Video Peniaga Restoran Kaut Untung Besar Setiap Kali Ada Demo Di KL