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Slain Malaysian Prosecutor Tied to Najib Probe

Brother of victim found in oil drum contradicts AG’s claim the dead man had nothing to do with case.
 Dato’Anthony Kevin Morais
Morais apparently had been strangled although that is uncertain since his body was cremated before his brother, Charles Suresh Morais, an Atlanta, Georgia businessman, could order a second autopsy. The story involves an astonishing series of twists and turns, including possible links to the 2013 murder of a prominent banker in a Kuala Lumpur temple parking lot.
Morais’s body disappeared from a Kuala Lumpur hospital mortuary despite pleas by the brother, Charles, for a second autopsy. The body was claimed and cremated over Charles’ objections by
another brother, Richard, who has been in constant trouble with the law and who figured in the 2013 murder of the late Arab Malaysian Bank founder Hussain Najadi.  The bank is now known as AmBank.
Car rammed, prosecutor abducted
Surveillance footage from a CCTV camera the day the 55-year-old Kevin Morais disappeared showed his car being followed and rammed by another. He was reportedly abducted after the collision and was never seen alive again. One of the seven suspects arrested after the footage identified the car in the collision led investigators to a suburb near Kuala Lumpur where Morais’s body, encased in the oil drum, had been rolled into a river. 
Morais had been seconded from the Attorney-General’s Chambers to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, which was looking into financial irregularities involving the troubled 1Malaysia Development Bhd. state-backed investment fund and other issues.
In July, Najib fired the Attorney-Ggeneral, Abdul Gani Patail, one of a dramatic series of events that included forcing out the Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, transferring the deputy head of the police special branch intelligence division, neutralizing a special parliamentary committee seeking answers over corruption, questioning seven members of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission over leaks about the case, sending the head of the MACC “on vacation” and threatening any and all critics with sedition charges.   
Today, a source said, the commission investigators are terrified and believe they are in danger, followed by Special Branch police, over suspicions they had leaked details of the investigation to Clare Rewcastle Brown, the editor of the UK-based Sarawak Report, which has been deeply involved in investigating the 1MDB case and broken most of the important stories. The leaker, Charles Morais said, may have been his dead brother because anonymous emails to Rewcastle Brown were signed by “jibby@anonymousspeech.com.” “ Jibby,” Charles Morais said  was a nickname for a Morais family friend. However, it is also a derisory nickname used by many for Najib himself.
Najib crony Mohd Apandi Ali, the Attorney-General picked to replace Gani Patail – who is also a lawyer connected to the United Malays National Organization, which Najib heads,  had previously dismissed the alleged draft charge sheet as false. The office denied Kevin Morais was working on the Najib case, which appears to have disappeared.
berthelsen morais 112615-1
Although prosecutors said the mastermind was actually a military doctor who had been prosecuted by Morais recently in a graft case, Charles Morais called for the case to be revisited. 
A thumb drive of evidence
In a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 26, Charles Morais, who had flown back to Malaysia from the US, said he had received a mobile USB storage device from his brother shortly before his death, dealing with investigations he was looking into, as well as an alleged draft charge sheet against the prime minister which was released by Sarawak Report and carried the initials of his brother. Morais said that when he saw the alleged draft charge sheet, he recognized his brother’s initials. 
To a police demand that he turn over the USB device for investigation, Charles Morais said the device is in safekeeping in Atlanta, and that he didn’t trust the Police enough to give it to them.
berthelsen morais 112615-2
Charles Morais
“Two to three months before Kevin’s demise, he told me that he was working on a case involving the prime minister and his wife,” Charles Morais said in the sworn document. “He said the prime minister was a terrible guy but that his wife was worse. He actually used the words kolata ala. (Eds: These were Malayalam (a Dravidian dialect spoken in the Indian state of Kerala) and translated into English meaning ‘a person up to no good’. He told me his phone might be tapped and to be careful what I said. That is why half of our conversations were usually in Malayalam.”
Dead man couriers possible evidence to brother
In mid-August, Morais said, his brother, who in frequent telephone calls said he was increasingly depressed and wanted to retire to London, emailed him telling him he would courier something to him and “to watch out for it as he wanted me to keep it in safe custody. This was the last call I received from Kevin and was about a week before he went missing.” 
Morais called Abdul Gani Patail, the cashiered Attorney-Ggeneral, twice in the attempt to find his brother.  On the second call, Gani Patail answered, saying: “Please remain calm, I am not working there any more. What I have been told is that the police are working relentlessly on the matter.”
Notified that his brother was dead, Charles Morais flew back to Malaysia and went to the mortuary to meet his two brothers, with Richard demanding to leave with Kevin’s body despite the fact that Kevin had broken with him 14 years before.
Connection to AmBank murder
Richard Morais has a checkered history. He has been in frequent trouble with the law in both Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. Pascal Najadi, the son of the AmBank founder Hussain Najadi, who was assassinated in the car park of a Kuala Lumpur temple in 2013, has charged that no real investigation of the crime has taken place.  Najadi said Richard Morais had requested that his father go to the temple to attempt to settle business dispute that that the murderer was waiting for him.
Pascal Najadi, now a banking consultant in Moscow who says he fears for his own life and has employed bodyguards,  has raised questions over whether his father’s refusal to play along with UMNO financial irregularities led to his death.  On two occasions shortly before he was killed, Najadi said, his father complained about UMNO corruption.  Najadi has repeatedly called for the investigation of his father’s death to be reopened.
On the first occasion, during a lunch at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, he told his son he had been approached by unnamed high-ranking UMNO officials to orchestrate a multi-billion  ringgit property deal connected to the Kuala Lumpur City Center that Hussain characterized as clearly illegal and “told them to go fly a kite.” On the second occasion, he told his son that Najib was “lining his pockets with billions of ringgit with no consideration for the future of the country.”
The speculation is that the funds deposited with AmBank came from companies connected to the 1MDB, which has RM42 billion in liabilities, an unknown amount of that unfunded, and is struggling to meet its payments. 
Mastermind arrested, mysteriously freed
Police identified a Malacca nightclub owner, Lim Yuen Soo as the mastermind who paid to have Najadi shot. Lim disappeared for more than two years, with a red alert issued by Interpol at the behest of the Kuala Lumpur police although sources say he seemed to be in and out of Kuala Lumpur regularly. Police arrested him at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in late October, but turned him loose eight days later for lack of evidence, raising a multitude of questions over how he could have been identified as the mastermind for two years only to be freed almost immediately when he was caught.  Since the murder case involving Hussain Najadi was closed,  there are questions why it hasn’t been reopened to find another mastermind behind the killing. 
That has raised additional questions whether Lim – and Richard Morais — have friends in Malaysia’s high political circles. Despite his status –until recently – as a fugitive, Lim is the registered part owner of the Active Force Security Services Sdn Bhd. with the former Malacca Police Chief Mohd Khasni Mohd Nor.

Blogger UMNO, Rohban Faizal DIarahkan Untuk Ditangkap

IGP arah tahan 'penyokong BN' naikkan posting menghasut

Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar mengarahkan supaya seorang pengguna Facebook ditahan berhubung posting yang didakwa berunsur hasutan berkaitan dengan satu akuan berkanun (SD).

"Kesan dan tahan penama di bawah ini kerana menghasut," katanya dalam tweet kepada pegawainya bersama imej posting tersebut.

Posting Facebook oleh Faisal Rohban itu menyebut tentang Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak dan isterinya Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor.

Posting Faisal sebelum ini, bagaimanapun, menunjukkan bahawa dia adalah penyokong BN dan akaunnya turut memaparkan gambar perdana menteri.

Ketika ditanya sama ada posting itu bertujuan sebagai satu bentuk sindiran, Khalid memberitahu Malaysiakini bahawa kes ini tidak terkecuali.

IGP menegaskan bahawa tidak kira siapa yang disokong, dia perlu berhati-hati dengan apa yang dikatakan dalam media sosial kerana ia memberi ruang kepada pelbagai tafsiran.

Katanya, mereka mesti bertanggungjawab dengan apa yang mereka siarkan secara umum dan kes ini tidak terkecuali.

Dalam posting seterusnya, Faisal memohon maaf, dan berkata kenyataan awal beliau mungkin mengelirukan dan disalah faham.


Siapa Faizal Rohban? Seorang blogger UMNO yang mengendalikan blog "Ruang Bicara Faisal" (RBF).

Blogger berkenaan pernah diperintahkan oleh mahkamah Rayuan membayar RM50,000 kerana memfitnah Husam Musa.

GB bukan kata Najib dan Rosmah betul, tetapi setiap tududhan perlukan bukti. Kita tidak boleh menulis sesuka hati kita. Kita perlu berpegang kepada hukum kebenaran dan keadilan, menulis secara bertanggungjawab. Kita tidak boleh menulis sesedap hati tanpa rasa tanggungjawab.

Di dalam satu seminar seorang peserta seminar bertanya kepada GB apakah rahsia GB mampu menulis dan bertahan sejak bernama "Mahazalim" lagi?

GB jawab: seorang blogger perlu jaga integriti. Kita bukan orang yang berjuang mengikut kaedah falsafah haiwaniah Machievilism "matlamat menghalalkan cara" yang akhirnya melahirkan blogger-blogger seperti papagomo dan RBF.

Daripada menulis tak tentu pasal dan tak tentu hala lebih diam dan jangan jadi blogger.

Seorang blogger juga bertanggungjawab kepada Allah di akhirat kelak terhadap setiap perkataan yang ditulis. Yang baik berpahala dan yang tidak baik berdosa. Itu keyakinan GB.

Begitu juga media sosial yang lain yang menyebarkan tulisan kita untuk dibaca oleh orang lain, facebook, twitter, instagram dan lain-lain.

Timbangan akan tetap berlaku di "sana" dan kadang-kadang Allah bayar "tunai" tatkala masih di "sini" lagi.

Setakat ini, alhamdulillah, kebanyakan tulisan dan jangkaan GB benar dan menepati kebenaran.

Dulu GB akui memang GB seorang ahli dan pendokong PAS sebab PAS ketika itu di dalam kebenaran. Kini tidak lagi. PAS telah tergelincir dari kebenaran.

Justeru kini tiada bulan lagi di hati GB, kerana yang ada cuma kebenaran dan keadilan. Itulah yang perlu diperjuangkan.

Jika kita tuis dengan niat memperjuangkan kebenaran dan keadilan, Allah Al-Haq (Yang Maha Benar) akan menjadi pembela kita dan kita tidak takut apa-apa selain Dia.
KEBENARAN itu adalah dari Tuhanmu, sebab itu jangan sekali-kali kamu termasuk orang-orang yang ragu.Al:Baqarah:147

I’m ’shackled, not broken’, says Tony Pua

Outspoken DAP lawmaker says his spirit remains unbroken despite being sued by the PM, banned from travelling overseas and probed for sedition.
PETALING JAYA: Despite being sued by the prime minister, banned from travelling and investigated by the police for sedition and engaging in activities deemed detrimental to parliamentary democracy, Tony Pua has maintained that he is “not broken” by it all.
In a Facebook posting yesterday, the outspoken DAP lawmaker uploaded a photograph of a work of art he painted himself titled: “Shackled, Not Broken” that depicted how he felt about the political hardship he was going through.
In the painting, a male figure in torn clothes, is seen handcuffed and shackled, sitting helplessly on the ground, blindfolded and with his mouth plastered shut.
In the background are numerous media articles telling the sombre tale behind his defenceless state: “Pua barred from leaving country”; Debat 1MDB Tony-Arul Batal (Tony-Arul 1MDB Debate Cancelled); “PAC probe poser” and “Najib sues Pua and news portal owner over 1MDB remarks,” among others.
Saying the artwork was a “little personal”, Pua writes: “In the climate where the authorities are clamping down on the media, civil servants, politicians and activists in the light of the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandals, many including myself, undoubtedly feel shackled.”
He relates his plight, saying how he has been sued by the PM, banned from travelling overseas, kicked out from Sarawak, investigated for sedition and “activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy” as well as being pressed to resign from Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, of which is a member.
“But I’m not broken because of the support from the strength of the ordinary man on the street who are pushing us (the Opposition) on.
“We will remain defiant and we will continue fighting to ensure a better future for Malaysia, and to ensure those guilty of robbing Malaysians blind pay for their crimes against the nation.”
He said the artwork was done at the urging of Hannah Yeoh, the Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly, for an auction at a fund-raising dinner tonight at Holiday Villa in Subang Jaya.
The proceeds from the auction will be split evenly between Impian Education and DAP Selangor.

Stay calm, Ariff tells fans and friends

Najib's son-in-law takes offence at an article appearing on a website that Ariff Sabri has nothing to do with.
lawsuitKUALA LUMPUR: Raub MP Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz has told his readers and friends to stay calm and not to worry about a threat to sue him for an article that appeared on a website that he has no control over.
He said the article in question was a “restructured” version of an entry on his blog, Sakmongkol AK47. The original version was titled “Faulty Reward System and Changeable Governments,” but the other version, carried by Malaysia Chronicle, had “Son in Law Daniyar to Be Najib’s New Jho Low” as its headline.
Lawyers for Daniyar Kasikbayev, Prime Minister Najib Razak’s son-in-law, this week issued a press release asking Ariff to be accountable for the article, to remove it from the website and to apologise to their client. “If I don’t do these, they will sue on their client’s behalf,” he said in his latest blog entry.
Ariff said he had no association with Malaysia Chronicle and was therefore powerless to do anything about the article it featured.
“They uploaded my article and restructured it with their slant,” he said.
“I did not write an article with that title. So I am not responsible for the author of the article or the news portal that made it. I have no control over that news portal; so I cannot remove it. The lawyers must ask that portal to remove it.”
He said the article that appeared on his blog was essentially about the “rotten Umno system and its bad leadership.”
“It was not about the Prime Minister’s son-in-law. I did write some passages referring to the son-in-law as being a beneficiary of the rotten Umno system.” But he pointed out that he followed that statement with the following sentence: “I hope this news is not true.”
He said he was waiting for Daniyar’s lawyers to point out the material deemed offensive in the article on his blog.
He also said that if his own article was referred to, he was prepared to look at the offending passages and would remove them “if necessary” and tender “the required apologies.”

Najib, Muhyiddin quitting can end ‘Mexican’ standoff’

The top two Umno leaders should quit the party at the same time and let others find a way forward from the present “Mexican standoff "situation.
KUALA LUMPUR: A political analyst, having listened to the political grapevine, mutterings on the ground and surveyed the social media and coffee shop scene, has ventured in his latest blog posting that perhaps both the top two Umno leaders, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and sacked Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, should quit Umno and let others in the party find a way forward from the present “Mexican standoff” situation. “Since both Najib and Muhyiddin have split the party down the middle, both should leave at the same time. If it looks like Muhyiddin would replace him as Prime Minister, Najib would not want to quit the post but the former has no problems in shedding any such ambitions and making way for the sake of the party.”
“That’s the consensus on the ground. There’s widespread agreement that Najib is stubborn and continues to live in a state of denial. The reality on the ground is very different. Between Najib leaving and staying, the former option considerably brightens Umno’s prospects in the next General Election.”
Najib, said Shahbudin Husin the analyst, should think of the party, the government and the nation and not just about himself and the small circle around him. “If he does not do the right thing, the entire burden of responsibility will be on him for the party’s fate in the forthcoming General Election, the 14th, come 2018.”
“It’s clear that Najib has become a liability, has imposed unacceptable burdens on all. There’s no reason for him to continue in office. If he doesn’t leave, and leave soon, he will just continue to create difficulties for all, especially the party.”
Nevertheless, conceded the analyst, it will hinge entirely on Najib whether Umno would see changes in leadership before the next General Election. “If Umno and the Barisan Nasional (BN) intend to continue in power, there must be changes. Najib can no longer bring success for the ruling coalition. He can only cause and create further destruction.”
Surveying the present leaders in Umno, Shahbudin sees only Youth Leader Khairy Jamaluddin as having the confidence of generally the entire party, while not many are that confident in Vice-President Hishammuddin Hussein who was seen as a weak Home Minister. “There are even many members at the grassroots level who feel that a Hishammuddin and Khairy team, nevertheless,may be the best ever combination under the circumstances, to make the best of a bad situation, and move forward.”
“They are both seen as young enough to attract widespread support at the 14th General Election.”
Shahbudin was dismissing Umno Vice-President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as having no mass support among the people, his influence being confined just to Umno, especially a small group. “Even those who think that a Zahid and Hishammuddin team is possible, concede that the former may not be able to play his part in attracting support from among the people.”

Isma: Sidelining Muhyiddin reflects badly on Umno

Isma president says Umno's public perception may be damaged and supporters of the party's deputy president may be angered.
KUALA LUMPUR: Ikatan Muslim Malaysia (Isma) has criticised Umno’s recent directive that the chiefs of its various wings open their own meetings at the upcoming General Assembly as a move that will reflect badly on the party.
Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman said the move, that breaks with the tradition of having the party’s deputy president officiate at the openings, would only give rise to rumour and affect the perception of Umno.
“The public may develop their own views about the party and these could affect Umno’s public perception,” he told FMT after opening the 2015 Kuala Lumpur Summit.
Abdullah also said that if Umno failed to provide a solid explanation to the grassroots on why this move was adopted, it would only add to the party’s burdens and anger supporters of Muhyiddin Yassin.
“The move has sparked various questions, the whys and whats? … And all may not be answered satisfactorily.
“When questions are left unaddressed, I think it will add to Umno’s burden, and this burden is heavy,” he said.
Abdullah Zaik made these comments in the wake of a recent announcement by Prime Minister and party President Najib Razak that the respective chiefs of the Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings would open their own meetings during the Umno General Assembly from December 8-12.

Former IGP says Charles Morais claims are ‘stupid’

Musa Hassan says claims of a conspiracy to murder former DPP Kevin Morais do not hold water.
PETALING JAYA: The claim by Charles Morais that his brother, Anthony Kevin Morais handed him a pen drive containing incriminating information about a top government official is a “stupid story” that was best left for the police to investigate, not the media, said a former Inspector-general of Police.
Speaking to FMT, Musa Hassan advised Charles to lodge a police report, hand in all the evidence and let the police do their job in investigating the death of his brother.
“Why does he (Charles) have to tell all of this information to the press? Lodge a police report and hand in all the evidence to the police.
“Let the police conduct their investigation. This story he told about Kevin giving him a pen drive when he was overseas is a stupid story.”
Musa said this when asked for this thoughts on the 18-page Statutory Declaration that Charles made Wednesday, alleging that Kevin’s murder was linked to a charge sheet the deputy public prosecutor was preparing against a “high-ranking government official.”
Earlier, during a press conference called for by the Mind and Social Awareness Association (PMSP), which Musa was supposed to have attended, its president Ramesh Rao said Charles was not a credible source as he had a bad financial record with his businesses in the US.
Ramesh also said that the murdered deputy public prosecutor had never even mentioned Charles in his will, indicating that the brothers were not on good terms.
“I give him seven days to hand in any evidence to the police or I will lodge a police report against Charles,” Ramesh told reporters at the press conference in the Petaling Jaya Industrial Park here today.
Meanwhile, PMSP vice-president Zakwan Hafiz dismissed allegations of the existence of a charge sheet as posted by whistleblower website Sarawak Report that claimed Kevin was working on a charge sheet against Prime Minister Najib Razak in regard to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) subsidiary, SRC International and that the document carried Kevin’s initials.
“The word ‘accusation draft’ does not even exist in our legal system,” Zakwan said, referring to the title of the charge sheet.
Charles claimed that the pen drive was now in the custody of an unknown individual in the United States, who was instructed to release the information if anything untoward happened to him.
The body of Kevin Morais, 55, was found in a drum filled with concrete near Persiaran Subang Mewah in Subang Jaya on September 16, after he was reported missing on September 4.