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Oh, wonderful Malaysia! A rejoinder to Alex de Silva – Rip Van Winkle

So tell your sons and daughters and grandchildren this:
Malaysia is a wonderful place. It’s full of muhibbah, full of multiculturalism, full of harmony, full of glory, full of Rukun Negara. Hallelujah (I "pray" this word is allowed for general use).
In wonderful, wonderful Malaysia, everybody loves everybody else. Everybody in Malaysia loves their neighbours. Everybody in Malaysia loves strangers too. All Malaysians eat together. They drink together. They play together. They dance and sing and make merry together. There’s so much inter-marrying going on, how can this place not be merry?
Locals, with their different names, and despite the scurrilous rumours, are not – no, never! – vilified in any way, shape or form. Never mind the repeated synonyms and never mind the cliché, because all is true. So, so true. There’s far too much respect and far too much love for everybody in Malaysia and those who visit us, who bring their big currencies and get so much bang for their bucks that they go home happy and can’t wait to come back again.
In fact there is such abundant love and respect and honesty in Malaysia that Malaysians are more than willing to share it all with the Israelis and the Singaporeans and the Vatican. Hallelujah, brothers and sisters!
Foreigners aren't called demeaning, condescending names. Never. Nobody calls the whites Mat Salleh here. And look at the Banglas and the Burmese and the Indons and Filipinos: See how all Malaysians treat them ever so well. They’re respected and paid tribute for helping to build this country, its economy – this, their “beloved nation”. These labour migrants and refugees are as much a part of the Malaysians as Malaysians are a part of them – one big happy family in united nations of… err… nations.
So how can Malaysia possibly lose respect in the eyes of the world? Look at how it has so professionally and competently dealt with its newest crisis – the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 airplane – and how the late, great Karpal Singh won’t be honoured at a memorial service in a Malaysian school hall because memorials amount to partisan politics. And that's a no-no! That’s how open-minded Malaysia is, how liberal it has become, that compassion and truth and competence know no bounds. One big happy family, Malaysians are. And they’ll tell you this too, unashamedly.
You see: Malaysians – all of them – are born equal under the Malaysian sun. Foreigners who are struggling under their own suns need not worry because sooner rather than later they’ll learn from Malaysia, because Malaysia is simply oh, so wonderful. And their suns will merge with the Malaysian sun because the Malaysian sun is the best in the whole universe. The Malaysian sun is perpetually warm, perpetually cuddly, perpetually gracious, and utterly, perpetually the most welcoming.
So tell the world that in Malaysia there's no jealousy. There's no envy either. Tell the world that before the law everybody here is equal, regardless of race, colour and creed – just as god made everybody equal. In fact all the gods in Malaysia are colour–blind. So there’s absolutely no religious competition. No attempt at proselytising.
Tell the world that there's inherent and eminent fairness and justice in Malaysia, 24/7, and that Malaysia’s judges and magistrates and the attorney-general are fair-minded professionals who uphold their institutions to the highest level of sacredness and independence. There’s absolutely no chance of bias or political vengeance in judicial decisions.
Indeed, tell the world that in Malaysia there's a government that leads with absolute honesty, integrity and a deep social conviction, replete with world-class competence. And there's no corruption in Malaysia – neither in the public nor private spheres of sociopolitical and economic life. Take Malaysia’s police: They do such a sterling job that even Scotland Yard and the FBI want to emulate Polis DiRaja Malaysia.
The monarchy is equally inherently intelligent and fair. And Muslim clerics are unequivocal about the existence of a level playing field for all religions. Anybody who says Malaysia is a hideously racist country is a liar. For a Chinese or Indian or Sikh or Christian or an orang asli can become prime minister or chief of the armed forces or the IGP in Malay-Muslim majority Malaysia. And Malay-Muslims have no qualms about this whatsoever.
Elections are fair and open. So fair and so open that you can see right through them, like tracing paper. There’s definitely no murkiness about elections in Malaysia anymore than there is about Malaysia being a full-flung democracy that upholds every element of human rights sanctified by the United Nations. Nobody is framed or jailed and beaten up or killed while held in detention or run over and murdered by racist mobs. There is no mob rule in Malaysia. None.
Education in Malaysia is beyond par excellence. It is so high up the Top 10 charts in the world that American and British and Australian students viciously compete to study here, seeking out Malaysian scholarships. In fact Americans and British and Australians and even the Germans want to immigrate to Malaysia. That’s how wonderful Malaysia is.
And the intellectualism and academic freedom in Malaysian universities is so out-of-this-world that Malaysia’s academics also rank in the world’s Top 10 charts. What’s more, American and British top-flight academics and researchers and analysts are prepared to stomp over each other for a chance to teach in world-class Malaysian universities.
Further, whether Chinese, Indian, Christian, Sikh or Eskimo, everybody in Malaysia is given the opportunity to study at a Malaysian university in the course of their choosing. No pressure. No Stalinist dictatorship. There’s no Orwellian order in Malaysia. None whatsoever. And post-university, jobs and promotions are based strictly on merit and nothing else. A Malaysian regardless of race, colour or creed can be whatever he or she wants to be. Study for a graphics design degree today and become a neurosurgeon tomorrow. No questions asked.
Malaysia’s schools are the breeding grounds for undeniable Malaysian brilliance. Indeed Malaysia does wonderfully well at exporting brilliance in all fields, especially governance. The Malay language is next on the export list. At every turn Malaysian students beat students from across the world by a factor of one hundred. They’re avid readers of literature. They’re math and science geniuses. They’re superlative critical thinkers. There’s no one like them in the world. Their English skills are impeccable. And each one is equally competent in Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, Punjabi, Tibetan and Mongolian.
Malaysians are without question the greatest humanists. The best in the world. Just as they would never abuse another human being or their rights, neither would they abuse chickens and cows and goats and hogs, which are guaranteed never to lose their heads. The scourge of racism and the animal farm will never scar churches and mosques and temples. Ever.
Finally — as if there’s ever anything final except death but not taxes – there's absolutely no crime in Malaysia. Nada. Kosong. Malaysia has an Inspector General of Police who will cite you up-to-the-second statistics to prove this point. He’s that good. He’s that literate. And if there is any crime, it’s probably only your imagination running wild – again. For in Malaysia truth looms larger than all the gods put together.
There's no compromise on preserving truth, integrity, freedom, justice and fairness. And judges – bless their cotton socks – will ensure that Malaysia’s laws and Malaysia’s constitution will always shine and be magnificently equitable for all Malaysians regardless of their race, their colour and their creed, for the rich and the poor, for the weak and the powerful.
Malaysians are never led. Malaysians will always lead the rest of the world. That is why Malaysia is oh so wonderful a place that you’d never want to leave it. And if you should, you’d always want to come back quickly – for good. – April 24, 2014.
* Rip Van Winkle is a Malaysian Insider reader, like everybody else in the world.

EXTREMIST MALAYSIA: PM Najib's home state Pahang BANS BIBLE from hotel rooms

EXTREMIST M'SIA: PM Najib's home state Pahang BANS BIBLE from hotel rooms
The Pahang Islamic and Malay Customs Council (MAIP) has prohibited hotel proprietors in the state from placing religious reading materials of other religions other than Islam in their rooms.
According to MAIP deputy president, Datuk Seri Wan Abdul Wahid Wan Hassan, a letter of prohibition on the matter had been sent to 147 hotels across the state since March 6 and those who defied the directive could be subjected to legal action.
"The letter of prohibition was issued under the Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non-Islamic Religions Among Muslims Enactment 1989, in line with Article 11 (4) of the Federal Constitution.
"With that, a non-Muslim or the hotel management is prohibited from placing the Bible or any material or document relating to a non-Islamic religion in public reading rooms, especially in the hotel rooms. If such materials have been placed there, these must be removed immediately."
He told reporters this after attending the meeting on technical preparations for the Karnival Muamalat dan Cinta Rasul to be held here from May 1 to 4.
He said the act of placing the materials in the hotel rooms could be regarded as an act of spreading other religious beliefs to Muslims.
He said if convicted, those involved could be taken to court and face a fine of up to RM5,000 or imprisonment not exceeding two years, or both. – Bernama

AG’s reports a waste of money

Putrajaya does not seem disturbed by the yearly revelations of corruption at atrocious levels.
auditor general“When once a republic is corrupted,” said Thomas Jefferson, “there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.”
There is no denying that our nation is deeply engulfed in corruption, as we can easily infer from what the Auditor-General has been saying for years in his reports. Almost all the ministries and the departments under them stand guilty of abusing the national coffers.
The question is, what has our government done to “remedy the evil” and “restore its lost principles”?
If it has done anything significant enough to match the gravity of the situation, or is doing it, we have not heard about it. That says a lot about its claim of transparency.
The AG’s revelations of how monies have gone to the drains and garbage bins—sometimes literally—do not appear to have disturbed the powers in Putrajaya. Not a single minister in the cabinet has taken responsibility for the misconduct of those under his charge.
With such a scenario before us, we will have to assume that the ministers, the directors-general and everyone else down the food chain have been given immunity so that the boat is not rocked to expose more filth.
So, if the AG’s reports serve no other purpose than to fill up the national archives, why bother with the annual audits at all? They cost money too. We might as well abandon the exercise altogether.
Even as the Barisan Nasional government ignores its duty to root out corruption—which should not be too difficult since the root is planted in its own system—it is enthusiastically hammering down new taxes and withdrawing subsidies in the name of “rationalisation” while exhorting the public to spend money prudently.
Meanwhile, the monopolies that control various sectors, including food and health, are robbing citizens of a decent life, with Putrajaya’s blessings, no doubt.
The poor and middle classes have been reduced to living on unmanageable borrowings from legal and illegal lenders. They are being practically ripped off of their hard earned incomes as the costs of goods and services balloon outrageously. Rental, food and utilities—and even the loans needed to pay for them—come at a premium price these days.
To the rest of the world, our people appear like fools for keeping the corrupt in power.
Malaysians are miserable because they live within a corrupt system.
It is corruption that causes the value of our ringgit to plunge. It is corruption that tears our education system to tatters. It is corruption that causes the influx of foreigners, the mushrooming of gambling dens, the reduction in service quality, the bloating of project costs, the deterioration of our border defence. The list is endless.
We began this discussion by quoting an American philosopher and statesman. We’ll end it by quoting an American humorist. Mark Twain could have had contemporary Malaysia in mind when he said: “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”
Narinder Singh is a FMT team member.


Seorang kanak-kanak berusia lapan tahun cemas selepas tertelan getah gelang ketika menikmati sarapan nasi lemak.
***Siapa kata anda tidak boleh mendapatkan kereta anda sendiri semasa belajar? [ ketahui lebih lanjut ]

Ibu kanak-kanak berkenaan, Suhaida Zakaria, 36, berkata, nasi lemak itu dibeli di sebuah kedai makan di sini.

Menurutnya, dia terkejut kerana anaknya seperti tercekik sesuatu ketika sedang makan di kedai yang sama.

“Saya ingatkan anak saya tertelan ikan bilis tapi dia gelengkan kepalanya sedangkan pada masa itu mukanya sudah merah, saya memintanya untuk mengorek kembali apa yang dimakannya.
“Nasib baik dia cuba memuntahkan balik apa yang ditelannya, ketika itu saya terkejut kerana ternampak getah gelang yang berwarna sama seperti sambal nasi lemak selepas dimuntahkan,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian.

Suhaida yang berasal dari Teluk Kumbar itu juga memberitahu dia terkejut kerana terdapat satu lagi getah gelang dijumpai pada sambal nasi lemak dalam bungkusan makanan anaknya itu.

Akibat tidak berpuas hati, Suhaida bertindak memanggil pemilik kedai makan berkenaan.

Katanya, bagaimanapun dia kecewa kerana pemilik berkenaan memberitahu nasi lemak terbabit bukan dimasak olehnya kerana dia hanya menjual sahaja.

“Mereka kata tidak boleh buat apa-apa melainkan dia akan memaklumkan sahaja kepada tukang masak nasi lemak terbabit.
“Pada saya ini memang amat mengecewakan, selepas ini kalau boleh saya nasihatkan orang ramai lebih berhati-hati menikmati makanan luar daripada rumah kita.
"Saya sendiri tidak menjangka kejadian sebegini berlaku kepada saya, jika getah terbabit dapat dijumpai sebelum makan, saya sendiri akan berhati-hati tapi akibatnya anak saya sendiri tertelan kerana warnanya menjadi sama seperti sambal,” katanya.


Tidak di catu tetapi terlalu kerap terganggu bekalan .. bahasa lain .. ayat lain tetapi maknaya hampir serupa.

Oleh itu jangan terlalu mendabik dada cakap besar berdegar-degar sampai beritahu satu dunia hendak bekalkan air ke negeri Selangor .. ibu negeri sendiri pun bekalan air asyik semput.

Sebelum buka mulut cakap besar pastikan suluh muka dulu kat cermin berpuluh kali ..

Malaysia gagal kesan isyarat kecemasan kapal Jepun?

KUALA LUMPUR 23 APR: Ahli Parlimen Lumut, Laksamana Pertama (B) Imran Abdul Hamid mempersoalkan mengapa penguatkuasa maritim Malaysia gagal mengesan isyarat kecemasan dari kapal Jepun yang disamun dekat Pulau Ketam awal pagi Selasa lalu.

Beliau yang juga bekas Ketua Staf Logistik Markas Armada Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) mempersoalkan apakah pengawasan agensi penguatkuasaan maritim negara begitu longgar sehingga tidak peka terhadap kapal bermasalah di perairan Selat Melaka.

"Kapal Jepun ada alat kecemasan, kenapa Malaysia tak kesan?

"Takkan mereka tak boleh kesan. Sebab kapal Jepun itu ada radio signal untuk kecemasan, kapal-kapal lain boleh kesan. Takkan APMM tak boleh," kata Imran kepada Keadilandaily.

Ia kerana proses pemindahan diesel tersebut mengambil masa antara tujuh hingga lapan jam dan selepas itu kesemua suspek meninggalkan kapal berkenaan.

Kawasan perairan dan pantai di Malaysia dikawal empat agensi maritim iaitu Agensi Penguakuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM), Tentera Laut Diraja Malysia (TLDM) Polis Marin dan Pasukan Gerakan Marin (PGM).

"Kita persoalkan dimana mereka sewaktu kejadian ini berlaku. Kalau mereka buat rondaan dan lakukan kerja pasti kapal tersebut boleh dikesan," kata Imran.

Dalam kejadian awal pagi Selasa, 18 kru termasuk kapten kapal berhadapan detik cemas apabila kapal yang membawa lima juta liter diesel dilaporkan disamun kira-kira 16 batu nautika dari Pulau Ketam berhampiran Klang.

lima lelaki dengan dua bersenjatakan pistol dan parang mengikat kapten dan anak kapal menyamun kapal Jepun yang tidak dinamakan itu dengan memindahkan dua juta liter minyak diesel ke dalam dua buah kapal tanker.

Bernama melaporkan tiga kru dipercayai diculik ketika kapal tersebut yang dalam perjalanan ke Myanmar selepas berlepas dari Singapura 21 April lalu.

Tambah Imran, kerajaan bertanggungjawab terhadap insiden tersebut.

"Belum selesai isu penculikan di Sabah, kapal Jepun pula disamun.
"Ini membuktikan kerajaan tidak mampu untuk menyelesaikan banyak masalah yang melibatkan negara termasuk isu kehilangan peswat MH370," kata Imran. 

My last moments with Pa: Ramkarpal Singh

The Toyota Alphard in which Karpal Singh and his aide, Michael Cornelius, died last Thursday. – The Malaysian Insider pic, April 24, 2014. The Toyota Alphard in which Karpal Singh and his aide, Michael Cornelius, died last Thursday. – The Malaysian Insider pic, April 24, 2014.A week after the tragic crash that took the lives of veteran lawyer and politician Karpal Singh and his personal aide, Micheal Cornelius, his son Ramkarpal recounts the final hours with his father that fateful day. This is his story, as told to V. Anbalagan.

“My parents (Karpal and Gurmit) had gone to Pantai Hospital about 8pm on Wednesday (April 16) to visit my brother Gobind (Singh Deo) who was admitted.
They left about 8pm from my father's office in Jalan Pudu Lama together with Micheal Cornelius and driver V. Selvam. The four returned home (in Bukit Ledang, Damansara) about 10pm and had dinner.
Pa, Michael, Selvam, our maid (Selfiana Rengga) and I were to leave that night for Penang. Pa and I were to appear in court the following day to represent a client charged with murder.
The weekend stay in Penang was also for Pa to meet his Bukit Gelugor constituents and prepare the petition of appeal for Anwar's (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) sodomy case.
Before we left, Pa told Michael to take him to his garden. We moved into this house six months ago and Pa was in love with his garden.
Going around the garden is not unusual for my dad and he does that occasionally. We then left about 11.30pm.
Pa was seated in the front beside the driver (they were in a Toyota Alphard). Michael sat directly behind dad. I was seated beside Michael. The maid sat alone at the back of the vehicle.
We exited through the Jalan Duta toll around midnight and for the next 20 minutes or so, I spoke to Pa about some cases, including a matter he had attended in the Court of Appeal earlier in the day and political issues gripping the nation.
As usual, he was cracking some witty jokes.
Slowly our conversation faded. I was still wide awake and tried to talk to Pa but he merely grunted his replies.
Michael was fast asleep, and so was the maid.
I tried to close my eyes but could not despite having worked out on the treadmill earlier in the evening.
I informed Selvam that I would take over at the wheel if he wanted to sleep but the driver replied he was fine.
Since I had no one to talk to, I looked outside at the passing vehicles.
Suddenly, Pa woke up and asked Michael to adjust his seating position and place a pillow behind his neck. Michael did that.
Moments later, both were fast asleep again.
Suddenly, I heard a loud crash and was jolted in my seat realised we were in an accident. The left side of our vehicle was ripped off.
I screamed and Selvam swerved the vehicle to the right before it came to a stop.
I then realised there was no sound or movement from Pa and Michael. I reached across the front seat and held on to Pa from behind, who was strapped in his seat, lying motionless. Many things ran through my mind in those few moments.
Michael was lying outside on the road. The maid was screaming.
Soon motorists stopped to help us but I did not get out of the vehicle as I was still holding onto Pa, hoping against hope that he had just passed out.
It was traumatic. I was holding on to Pa, Michael was lying outside and the maid was hysterical.
The Fire Department and police were at the scene within minutes and rescued the maid who was trapped by cutting through the vehicle roof.  She is still in Ipoh Hospital but is fine.
Selvam and I had only minor injuries.
The ambulance then arrived and only after they had taken the maid away, did I realise that my father and Michael had died at the scene. (Ambulances do not take away bodies.)
The only consolation was that both probably did not feel the impact of the crash because they were asleep. I think they were killed instantly.P
Passing motorists as well as the cops and firemen were very understanding and compassionate during those brief but difficult moments. They held me as I stood there sobbing.
Before the police took Pa’s and Michael’s bodies away, I called my younger brother Mankarpal and broke the news to him. I went to the hospital in the police vehicle.

Ramkarpal is third among Karpal's five children. The 38-year-old bachelor worked in his father's law firm, Karpal and Co, in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.
He told The Malaysian Insider that he is still trying to get over events of that day.
"It's not easy. I am having a mental block. It is difficult to work but I will have to pull myself together and carry on his work," he said.

The accident occurred at KM301.6 of the North-South Expressway near Kampar, Perak, early Thursday morning.