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Manakala dari pihak PDRM :

Tiga penyamun kereta mewah diburu

Alor Setar: Tiga lelaki berusia 20-an, ahli sindiket samun kereta mewah diburu polis selepas melarikan diri dalam kejadian tembak-menembak di sebuah stesen minyak di Kuala Kedah, 11.54 pagi tadi.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kedah Asisten Komisioner Mohd Nashir Ya berkata, Pasukan Petugas Khas Jenayah Terancang (STAFOC)Bukit Aman mengekori suspek sehingga ke stesen minyak itu dan cuba menahan mereka namun penjenayah terbabit mengundur kereta Honda City dinaiki menyebabkan beberapa das tembakan dilepaskan.

Menurutnya, suspek melarikan diri sebelum bertindak mencuri sebuah kereta Proton Persona di sebuah stesen minyak di Pendang.

"Suspek meninggalkan kereta Honda City di stesen minyak itu dan beredar sebelum mencuri sebuah lagi kereta di kawasan Juru, Pulau Pinang beberapa jam selepas itu.

" Kita sedang memburu suspek dan kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 307 Kanun Keseksaan," katanya.



Seorang Daripada Tiga Suspek Diburu Ditahan Di Pulau Pinang

 Ahad, 19 April 2015 12:01 PM

ALOR SETAR: Seorang daripada tiga suspek yang melarikan diri ketika serbuan Pasukan Petugas Khas Jenayah Terancang (STAFOC), Polis Diraja Malaysia di Kuala Kedah pada Sabtu telah ditahan awal pagi Ahad.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kedah, ACP Mohd Nashir Ya berkata, lelaki berumur 34 tahun daripada Kuala Lumpur itu ditahan di sebuah hotel di Pulau Pinang pukul 4 pagi.

Beliau berkata, hasil siasatan mendapati suspek mempunyai lebih 15 rekod jenayah termasuk kekerasan.

"Dua lagi suspek masih lagi bebas dan kita masih memburu mereka," katanya dalam satu kenyataan pada Ahad.

Dalam kejadian 11.54 pagi Sabtu, tiga suspek yang menaiki kenderaan curi jenis Honda City melarikan diri daripada serbuan polis dengan melanggar beberapa kenderaan termasuk kenderaan dinaiki anggota STAFOC yang cuba menahan mereka di sebuah stesen minyak di Jalan Kuala Kedah.

Ketiga-tiga suspek yang dipercayai anggota sindiket curi kenderaan mewah kemudiannya bertindak mencuri sebuah kereta jenis Proton Persona di sebuah stesen minyak di Pendang dan melarikan diri ke arah Pulau Pinang.

Suspek kemudian meninggalkan kenderaan tersebut di Juru, Pulau Pinang dan mencuri sebuah lagi kereta jenis Volkswagen di Showroom Autocity kira-kira 2.30 petang. ~Mstar

Auditor-General Report 2014: 8 Ways Taxpayers Money Was Mismanaged

International Standard Malaysian Style yearly

Auditor-General Report 2014: 8 Ways Taxpayers Money Was Mismanaged

On April 6, the first series of the Auditor-General report 2014 was tabled, and some shocking (or perhaps not) details were revealed.
The first report contains observations from 17 programmes of 14 Federal ministries and departments and the management of two Government companies. Some of the prevailing issues found in these programmes and departments are improper payment, work not adhering to specifications, unreasonable delays, unreasonable price, management of contracts, weaknesses in revenue management and weaknesses in management of Government assets.
Here are 8 of the most alarming ways taxpayers money is wasted based on the A-G report for 2014:
Auditor-general report 2014

1. Kelantan Matriculation College

Total cost: RM155 million
Ministry of Works/Ministry of Education

Kelantan Matriculation College was constructed to accommodate 3,000 students with Malaysian Certificate of Education in its Matriculation Programme as a preparation for enrollment to Public Higher Education Institutions. The Public Works Department (PWD) was appointed as the implementing agency on behalf of the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE).
The completion was targeted to be at 102 weeks, but after five extensions, the project was only completed 103 weeks and was only able to accommodate up to 2,000 students.
The quality of the construction and mechanical and electrical works are found to be unsatisfactory, and the design was inappropriate.

Auditor-general report 2014

2. Broadband project in East Malaysia

Total cost: RM88.13 million
Ministry of Communications & Multimedia Malaysia

The amount was paid to three contractors, namely Esajadi Sdn Bhd, Jaring Communications Sdn Bhd and Celcom Axiata Berhad, to install 935.6 km of fibre optic network in East Malaysia.
However, the actual distance was only 890.23 kilometres, 45.37 km short.

Auditor-general report 2014

3. Wisma Transit Kuala Lumpur (WTKL)

Total cost: RM66 million
Ministry of Defence

The Wisma Transit Kuala Lumpur (WTKL) is a transit camp for army that was going through a major refurbishment and improvement, which was due to complete in early 2002.
According to the Auditor-General’s report, the project encountered problems and was only fully completed and handed over to the Army in September 2008, and fully operational by January 2009.
The audit also found that 33% of the rooms were unusable due to damages.

4. BR1M claimed more than once

Total loss: RM3 million (2012 – 2014)

Ministry of Finance

The audit revealed that thousands of recipients of the 1 Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) cashed their hand-outs more than once, while some even claimed aid up to four times.
During BR1M voucher distribution, payment was made to approved applicants by cross-checking their names to the list, without checking the online database. This move gave the opportunity to BR1M recipients to claim more than once.
In 2014, 28 people claimed thrice, while nine claimed BR1M four times due to the loopholes.
Auditor-general report 2014

5. Procurement of furniture for Battalion Camp 5

Total cost: More than RM760,000
Ministry of Home Affairs

Battalion Camp 5, located in Simpang Renggam, Johor, was undergoing an improvement, and the report found that the procurement management of furniture was less than satisfactory.
It was found that the payment of RM760,150 was made before the furniture was supplied and supported by forged documents.
Furthermore, local bidders were not invited to give their quotations, which triggered an investigation by the Ministry and also the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).
Auditor-general report 2014

6. Malaysian Armed Forces’ chartered flights

Total loss: More than RM375,000
Ministry of Defence

The Malaysian Armed Forces forked out over RM112 million to charter flights from Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia to shuttle its personnel between Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.
However, due to 1,079 “no show passengers” between 2011 and September 2014, the ministry has suffered a loss of RM375,262.
Auditor-general report 2014

7. Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS)
Government companies

Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS) was found to have approved RM111.4 million in 534 Franchise Financing Scheme from 2012 to June 2014.
The approvals were not based on clear evaluation criteria and the monitoring mechanism was also not fully implemented. This posed a high risk of unpaid borrowers for the company.
To make matters worse, the audit also revealed that the financial performance of PNS subsidiary companies was unsatisfactory. Investment recorded was RM29.66 million, while investment cost was RM61.33 million.

8. People’s Housing Programme (PPR) in Sabah
Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing & Local Government

The audit found that some People’s Housing Programme (PPR) in Sabah projects were completed after delays of between 614 and 2,504 days. The delays occurred at PPR projects in Papar, Tawau and Sandakan.
The longest delay was more than six years. Furthermore, the quality of the construction was found to be unsatisfactory, and the construction designs and plans approved by the superintending officer were impractical, incomplete and inappropriate.
Based on the auditor-general’s report, there are still many improvements to be made by the government to eradicate corruption, wastage and negligence and to increase transparency in government’s spending.
In order for corrective actions to be taken and improvements to be made, a total of 109 recommendations were made by the National Audit Department.
With the implementation of GST, the people’s expectation is even higher than before. The government is expected to be more prudent in their spending and be more transparent in everything.

Tun Dr Mahathir At Masjid Negara

I have lifted these pictures from the Net. This is Dr Mahathir at the Masjid Negara for Friday prayers. This is Dr Mahathir's favorite spot in Masjid Negara, in the wing on the left hand side, beside the reflecting pool. Since the 1980s I have seen Dr Mahathir many times praying at this same area. At that time the PM's Office was just up the hill behind Bank Negara. Later after Putrajaya was built Dr Mahathir prayed at the Putrajaya Mosque. 

I believe these pictures were taken last Friday.

As is his usual style Dr Mahathir walks in and out of the masjid without even being noticed by anyone. This happened even when he was PM. 

Here are some people taking pictures with him at Masjid Negara.  His popularity has not gone down a tiny bit.    It is quite the other way now.  His popularity has actually gone up.

Air force plane waits to bring home Yemen students

Hishammuddin hopes Malaysians will return home as civil war worsens.
Yemen, evacuation, Hishammuddin HusseinPUTRAJAYA: The government has sent an Air Force Hercules plane to Djibouti in the Horn of Africa in case Malaysian students and citizens in neighbouring Yemen wish to return.
Defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the government hoped the remainder of Malaysian students or citizens who were in Yemen, where there is fighting between rebels and government forces, would return home soon as the condition in those turbulent areas was very worrying.
He said the government had no right to require the students to return, as they had gone through private means, but the defence ministry had taken precautionary measures by sending the Hercules aircraft to Djibouti.
“Although they may feel that the situation in the places where they are studying, Hadramaut, Hudoidah and Sana’a, is not as critical as in Aden, (the situation) can change at any time,” he said. There were less than 150 Malaysian students in the three territories.
Wisma Putra has said there were a total of 496 Malaysian students, including those in Aden, who had been moved from territories such as Sana’a, Hodaidah and Hadramaut since April 7, following the worsening civil war.

At Last Muhyiddin Steps Forward : "Let me assure you Sir, you are not alone"

This is from The Star here.
  • You’re not alone, Muhyiddin tells Dr Mahathir
  • KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (pic) has praised Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for never shying away from the truth.
  • “Telling the truth and standing up has been your trademark since you were a young doctor and an ordinary Umno member.
  • “Let me assure you, sir that you are not alone,” said Muhyiddin 

My comments : Listen to Tan Sri Muhyiddin yourselves folks "Let me assure you Sir that you are not alone."

Outside UMNO the support for Najib Razak is zero. People really dislike the wifey. 

An influential UMNO Blogger has also changed his tack. He now says he will focus only against the Opposition. Meaning he will not take sides for or against Najib.  Masuk gear "neutral". To me this is a major regression.  The pro UMNO Bloggers are beginning to distance themselves.  Buying some insurance.

Inside UMNO the support for Najib Razak is dropping like a stone everyday.  This carefully worded statement by Muhyiddin is a clear signal that Muhyiddin too does not have faith in Najib anymore. 

Some weeks back a source told me that  the Hippo Circus was planning to 'take out' Muhyiddin from his many influential positions.

Hence he has NOT been appointed to head the two upcoming by elections. Talk is he will (or has to) be removed from chairing the Natural Disaster Committee or something - the one that handled the floods recently.  He got too much publicity while the PM was golfing or goofing somewhere.

Najib's  inability to answer issues, his lame duck, carefully choreographed, pre recorded TV interviews, his inability to make decisions, his physical absence from the office as well as the absences from the country lead to the big question mark : who runs the day to day affairs of the country? It is most certainly not Najib.

The answer is the Deputy PM. In the PM's frequent absences, it is Muhyiddin Yassin who chairs Cabinet meetings and runs the country.

There are over 30 Cabinet committess that are also chaired by Muhyiddin Yassin.  Effectively Muhyiddin runs the day to day affairs of government.

I think it is a blessing that the PM spends so much time AWAY from the office. It is better to keep him occupied playing golf, goofing around etc. That way he can cause less damage. 

By the way as you are reading this the PM is in Kazakhstan or somewhere - partying with his new in laws. 

A Malindo Air plane was chartered to fly friends to the wedding party.  The charter is for thee days. So I am told. This is beside the new Airbus or any other buses.

I  have sources from UK who give me info from Kazakhstan. Can you beat that? They say the Kazakh people have things to say which I cannot repeat here. Do you know Al Capone? I hope Najib will spend two months in Kazakhstan. Take your time Mr PM. The country functions better in your absence than in your presence.

I hope UMNO leaders can see that his days are numbered. Tunggu sedikit masa saja. If the UMNO leaders can throw in their shoes and give their full support to the DPM and to change the leadership, we can then move forward faster towards putting the country back on the right track.   

The  nightmare has to come to an end soon.

Put out the rubbish (separately) from September

Food waste on two days, recyclable items on the third day in six states
kAb-Rahim-Md-Noor_600PUTRAJAYA: Householders in six states must prepare to separate their household rubbish beginning in September.
Solid Waste and Solid Cleansing Management Corp chief executive Ab Rahim Md Noor said every family member should know how to do it and dispose of household waste properly.
“Waste isolation will involve the disposal of food waste for the first two days of collection every week and the third day collection is for recyclable garbage,” he told reporters today.
“A company has been appointed to collect garbage in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah and Perlis. They will also observe and note down household who flout the rule,” he said.
He said notices would be issued to those who flouted the rule starting in September and a maximum compound fine of RM1,000 would be imposed on errant households by 2016.

Shophouse church takes down cross after protests

Group gathers outside during Sunday service, says cross a challenge to Islam.
church_protests_600PETALING JAYA: The cross on a new church in a shophouse has been taken down after about 50 residents conducted a protest during Sunday service this morning, according to a media report.
The church in Taman Medan is situated in a shophouse.
The protesters gathered at about 10am while the service was being conducted for a congregation of about 15 people, Star Online reported.
The protesters said the sight of the cross in an area populated mainly by Muslims was a challenge to Islam and could influence younger minds, according to the report.
Police arrived at around 10.30am as Sunday service was ending, and acted as intermediaries between protesters and church leaders.
A village leader who calmed down the protesters and spoke to the priest, said the church agreed to take down the cross by next Sunday. “If they have the authority to run, we cannot stop it. But we ask out of concern, being a Malay area, that they take down the cross,” the protest leader Abdullah Abu Bakar was quoted as saying.
Star Online reported that a few protestors had threatened a journalist and said “you better write about us nicely, or else”. Some held on to his shirt as he interviewed protesters, the report said. It said the cross was taken down a few hours later.