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Sunday, April 23, 2017


EPF will finance OSK’s Melbourne development with AUD 175 Million (RM 525 Million) in borrowed money.after providing Ong Leong Huat & family AUD 154 million and a AUD 38.2 Million upfront profit
As reported yesterday the EPF’s AUD 175 million contribution has been provided by three Malaysian banks, including RHB Bank:
 Further research has shown that the EPF probably sought Australian dollar funding from Malaysian banks CIMB Bank Berhad, OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad and RHB Bank Berhad ,very likely because Australian banks would not fund the project
Ong Leong Huat is also a director of RHB Bank and RHB Investment Bank.The details are provided on the RHB Group website, extracted and copied below:
Image result for ong leong huat
Tan Sri Ong Leong Huat @ Wong Joo Hwa (“Tan Sri Ong”) was appointed as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of RHB Investment Bank on 20 November 2012 and was subsequently appointed as the Chairman of RHB Investment Bank on 23 January 2013. On 27 June 2016, Tan Sri Ong was re-designated as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of RHB Investment Bank. He also serves as the member of Board Nominating & Remuneration Committee.
Tan Sri Ong’s other directorships in public companies include RHB Bank Berhad, OSK Holdings Berhad, PJ Development Holdings Berhad (Chairman), OSK Property Holdings Berhad, OSK Ventures International Berhad, KE-ZAN (Holdings) Berhad. He is also a trustee of OSK Foundation.
RHB Bank has extended a loan for the ultimate benefit of a director.MACC and Bank Negara investigation and prosecution ought to follow.
– http://realpolitikasia.blogspot.my

TV station says sorry to ex-runner Watson Nyambek

The runner was upset when a TV programme likened his late father to an animal.
PETALING JAYA: A TV station has issued an apology to former national sprinter Watson Nyambek over its “Sukan Tak Sentral” television programme, which had apparently belittled his father.
The apology was issued by Primeworks Studios chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar on behalf of TV3 and TV9 today.
“We would like to humbly offer our sincerest apology to Watson Nyambek for the degrading remarks made over his father’s good name.
“Primeworks Studio has issued a reminder to all employees to be observant and sensitive when producing all our programmes.
“We have also conducted a review of our work method and operations to avoid a recurrence of such matters.
“The event has served as a lesson for us to be more aware of our surroundings,” Izham said in a statement.
“We have the highest respect for Watson, his father and family.
“We would like again to convey our apology for the mistake and we will ensure that such incidents will never happen again.”
The former record-breaking runner was apparently unhappy that his father, who died three years ago, was likened to an animal in the programme broadcast last night.
He said when people said he was poor and bankrupt, he didn’t mind his fate but nobody had the right to make fun of his departed father. -FMT

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Over 100 lose RM6 million in Penang scam

They were promised investment returns of up to 40% per month by the company led by a 25-year-old man.
GEORGE TOWN: A total of 107 people have claimed to have lost RM6 million to a company here after investing in a scheme offering high returns.
A representative of the group, Justin Tay Ooi Hong, said the scheme had started about a year ago and none of the investors had received their returns as promised.
“Among others, we were promised investment returns of up to 40% per month.
“This company is led by a 25-year-old director,” he told a press conference at the Gerakan office here today.
Justin said they had trusted and had confidence in the company due to its valid business registration number.
“Over 500 people have become victims of the scam and there are still many people out there who have yet to lodge a police report,” he said, adding that some of them had made reports at the Jalan Patani police station, Timur Laut, on March 21.
Penang Commercial CID chief ACP Abdul Ghani Ahmad confirmed receiving the reports.-FMT

Building supervisor falls to death from 14th floor in Sabah

Workers doing renovation work on the apartment floor heard his screams as he plunged down.
buildingKOTA KINABALU: A building maintenance supervisor was killed after he fell from the 14th floor of an apartment block in Kampung Nounton, Inanam, near here yesterday.
Kota Kinabalu acting police chief Supt George Abd Rakman said today that Wong Vee Au, 35, died on the spot in the 2.30pm incident.
He said some workers doing renovation work on the floor heard his screams as he plunged down and found him lying sprawled on the 3rd floor of the block.
He added that Wong was working alone on the 14th floor when the mishap happened.
His body was sent to the Queen Elizabeth 1 Hospital here and police have classified the case as sudden death. -FMT

Najib says 10-year Indian blueprint is no ‘empty talk’

The plan involves getting more Indians into universities, providing more places in the civil service and solving citizenship woes plaguing the community.
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Razak today hailed the federal government’s first-ever blueprint to uplift Indians in Malaysia, with an allocation of more than RM1 billion, as a serious document and not just “empty talk”.
He said the 10-year Malaysian Action Plan for the Indian community reflected the Barisan Nasional (BN) government’s sincere intention to improve the lot of the Indians and had no relation to the impending 14th general election due next year.
Describing the document as “historic”, he said it had no relevance at all to the upcoming election because he had already promised the initiative during the launch of the 11th Malaysia Plan in 2015.
“However, I would not block any Indian who wants to support BN,” he said to applause.
“Today, we are not just play-acting but presenting a serious effort,” he said while officiating at the launch of the blueprint at the Putra World Trade Centre here.
“Those who are cynical will say that this is just a plan and the implementation is a different story.
“Well, I want to inform you that this plan provides a clear mechanism and the executive committee will monitor the programmes to ensure they are run effectively.
“What we are presenting is not just empty talk, political rhetoric or ‘vetti pecchu’ (‘empty chatter’ in Tamil), but ‘nijjam’ (fact).”
Najib said the initiative’s progress would be monitored by the cabinet committee for the Indian community (CCIC), chaired by him.
Its implementation would be watched over by an executive committee chaired by MIC president Dr S Subramaniam.
On Sept 13, 2015, Najib had announced that an action plan for the community would be drafted for implementation from 2016 to 2020.
The launch of the Indian blueprint comes soon after he had unveiled the Bumiputera Economic Transformation Roadmap 2.0 on April 19.
The 10-year Indian blueprint plan includes:
– RM500 million for a shares scheme under Permodalan Nasional Berhad for the B40 group (those whose household income represents the lowest 40%);
– special assistance to increase admission of Indians into higher education institutions like universities, colleges and polytechnics by at least 7%;
– cooperation with the Indus Education Foundation, with a sum of RM40 million for four years, to tackle problems related to progress in higher education;
– raising the participation of Indians in the public service by at least 7% at all grade levels by 2016;
– a special approval system under the home ministry to help Indians born before 1957 to gain citizenship; and,
– a Special Implementation Task Force to be the “touch-point” between the government and the community via 10 service centres located in areas with high Indian populations.- FMT


The irony of the whole thing is Tun Daim, the man who is said to be one of the most corrupt men in Malaysia, and Mahathir’s partner-in-crime who cost the country RM200 billion, is behind Parti Bebas Rasuah. This is almost like Zairil Khir Johari promoting family values and heading the movement opposed to adultery. So does that make Parti Bebas Rasuah parti bebas dari rasuah orparti bebas untuk rasuah?
Raja Petra Kamarudin
In our previous articles — Ezam scams his party sponsor, yet again and The countdown to Ezam’s death — we wrote about how Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor received RM10 million to buy over the New Generation Party (NewGen Party), after which he was supposed to change its name to Parti Bebas Rasuah. Thereafter he would receive another RM90 million to finance the operation of the party until the next general election expected some time in mid-2018.
The novelty to this story is not just about Ezam short-changing the sellers of the party, how he tried to save money by faking the party EGM, how he fabricated the Minutes to that EGM, how he used a tile shop as the venue of that so-called EGM that never took place, and how he forged the signatures of the attendees, it is also about the irony of the party’s sponsor or financier.
Tun Daim Zainuddin, Ezam’s sponsor, is well-known as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s money-spinner. When Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the Finance Minister at the time when Mahathir took over as Prime Minister in 1981 became a threat, Mahathir replaced him with Daim. During a press conference Mahathir was asked why he chose Daim as his Finance Minister and the Prime Minister replied it was because Daim is his friend so he trust his friends. Anyway, who would appoint his enemy as his Finance Minister? quipped Mahathir.
On 17th February 2014, Malaysiakini published a series of articles titled ‘Daim, the Godfather of Corporate Malaysia’ (READ HERE). In that article Malaysiakini said:
“Collectively, the business activities of Daim’s known associates encompass nearly all of Malaysia’s key economic sectors. Along with his personal holdings and interests, in his heyday Daim was truly a formidable corporate entity whose reach extended everywhere. Although Daim claims that he does not actively participate in corporate activities, he is widely regarded as the most powerful figure in the Malaysian corporate scene, wrote academics Edmund Terence Gomez and Jomo KS in the late 1990s.”
The arrangement between Mahathir and Daim was simple. Mahathir runs the political activities while Daim runs the business activities. Together they control Malaysia’s politics and businesses. You need political power to make money and you need money to hold on to political power. So Mahathir and Daim needed each other and needed to function like Siamese twins.
The Daim-Mahathir tag-team that Time Magazine said cost Malaysia US$100 billion 
Basically, this means you cannot blame Mahathir without blaming Daim, and vice versa, for the estimated RM200 billion that Malaysia lost in the 22 years that Mahathir was Prime Minister. And this figure is mentioned in Barry Wain’s book, ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’.
Wain mentioned that Mahathir wasted about RM100 billion due to his bad economic policies (amongst them the Bank Negara Forex scandal, the Perwaja Steel Scandal, the Bank Bumiputera scandal, and the Maminco-Makuwasa scandal). However, Wain did not mention the estimated RM100 billion that Mahathir siphoned away and the RM60 billion more that Daim did so separately. In fact, most of Daim’s money is parked in his bank in Sierra Leone, a safe haven when you need to hide dirty money and not lose any sleep over it being frozen and returned to Malaysia.
Time Magazine quoted an economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore as saying that the country might have lost as much as US$100 billion (about RM440 billion) since the early 1980s to corruption. Under Mahathir’s 22 years term, said Time Magazine, there were monetary losses amounting to more than RM100 billion, and this excludes those unaccounted for, and irretrievable (meaning the RM100 billion in Mahathir’s hands and the RM60 billion more in Daim’s hands).
Anwar promised to get back the RM60 billion that Daim stole if Pakatan Harapan ever comes to power
On 1st May 2013, Anwar Ibrahim said, “Saya maafkan Mahathir, tidak Tun Daim.” (READ HERE)
Anwar added, “Kalau aku dengar nasihat hang Tun Daim, aku pun sudah jadi bilionair macam hang. Saya hendak beritahu tuan-tuan, kita ambil alih kerajaan, semua harta yang diambil secara haram, harta rakyat, wang rakyat, kita pulangkan semula kepada rakyat.”
According to the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan, Anwar is going to be Prime Minister if they win the next general election. Anwar, on the other hand, condemns Daim and said if Pakatan Harapan comes to power he is going to confiscate or repossess everything that Daim stole. Daim, on the other hand, is financing Ezam. And Ezam wants his party to be a member of Pakatan Harapan.
How, exactly, does this whole thing work? Pakatan Harapan can’t seem to be able to make up its mind who are their friends and who are their enemies. Probably that is why Pakatan Harapan sees PAS as both an enemy and a friend at the same time.
Lokman revealed that Ezam jumped from Umno to PKR and then back to Umno and then to Pribumi and now to Parti Bebas Rasuah based on the highest bidder and who can offer him more
But then Ezam himself is as confused as the rest of Pakatan Harapan. This is what Lokman Noor Adam, Ezam’s one-time aid and confidante, said about him:
“I know Ezam well. He would not leave a Grade A government post unless he was made a better offer. I know this because in 2004 he made a last minute reversal of his decision to lead 12 (PKR) leaders to join Umno just because his demand to be made a deputy minister was rejected. The truth is Ezam did not leave Umno because of the Official Secrets Act or anything. He did it because of his own personal interests. His future is getting dimmer in Umno, dimmer because despite being handed everything on a silver platter, you still failed to convince Umno members to accept you.”
That was what the man closest to Ezam and the person who knows him well said. Ezam will do things only if the reward is big. Ezam joined Umno because of the money and position he was promised. He then left Umno and joined Mahathir’s PPBM or Pribumi for the same reason. When Daim promised him RM100 million he immediately left Pribumi to buy over the NewGen Party.
Initially, Kadir Jasin was supposed to be the person who would help bring Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak down. However, that does not seem to be working out and after more than two years Najib is far from being ousted. In fact, he is even stronger now than when they first started. And the July 2016 ‘US-DoJ’ fiasco was the last straw which convinced Daim that Kadir is not to be depended upon.
Kadir messed up the July 2016 United States Department of Justice exercise after wasting 8-10 months of planning and more than RM100 million to get Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch to announce they were filing a suit to recover US$1 billion of 1MDB’s money
They had spent 8-10 months and more than RM100 million planning the July 2016 United States Department of Justice exercise. It started with Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announcing that the DoJ was filing a suit to recover US$1 billion of 1MDB’s money.
This was supposed to have been an ‘earth-shattering’ announcement but actually this was just a public relations exercise and at the end of the day nothing was really going to happen.
This public relations exercise also included press conferences in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Ex-Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail, ex-MACC Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed, and ex-Bank Negara Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz (the three Tan Sri) would hold a press conference in Kuala Lumpur ‘revealing the truth’ and Mahathir would hold a similar one in Jakarta demanding that Najib resign.
Daim was supposed to coordinate matters, who then put Kadir in cage of the whole exercise. However, the plan got leaked and the whole thing got messed up and in the end nothing happened. In just a few hours Najib managed to neutralise the whole thing and demolished the plot even before it could take off. That was when Daim lost confidence in Kadir and decided to change horses and use Ezam instead. However, before anything can even begin, Ezam also messed everything up with his stupid moves. And now Ezam, too, is a dead man walking, just like Kadir, who Daim said is only good for seducing young girls.

Another blueprint for disaster?

Yet another blueprint for the Indian Malaysian community is to be announced on Sunday April 23, 2017. This blueprint is the prime minister’s initiative to give hope to the Indian Malaysian community in return for their vote. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats do not seem to be involved in the design and implementation of this plan. Private individuals, NGOs and some businesspersons have provided input and rolled out the blueprint.
Indian Malaysians become equal citizens just before elections, only to be forgotten and neglected after getting their votes.
However, like in past Indian Malaysian community economic plans, this national blueprint, too, is implemented on the periphery without the involvement of key government agencies. It is completely dependent on the current prime minister for its successful implementation. On one end, Umno/BN allegedly systematically marginalises and alienates Indian Malaysians and alienates them to the fringes. But before elections, handouts and blueprint are dished out.
The prime minister made the Indian Malaysian blueprint announcements at MIC meetings and during his recent visit in India. The last Indian Malaysian master plan was announced during the election year in 1974 and now, another blueprint is in the offing in yet another election year, 2017 where the Indian Malaysian votes are at the tipping point to salvage the prime minister himself.
Therefore, this socio-economic plan for the Indians in Malaysia is to serve a political purpose and is not about uplifting and development of the community.
During his recent visit to India, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak took time off to visit Tamil firm super star Rajinikanth, who directed the film ‘Kabali’. This movie was big hit in Malaysia. The crux and plot of this movie is about the failure of Indian Malaysians. How the Malaysian government ‘marginalised’ the Indian Malaysians and why and how they ended up as gang leaders and who have turned on their own and terrorised the Indian Malaysian community.
It is surprising to note that the prime minister had requested the Tamil superstar to produce ‘Kabali’ 2 and 3, and his accompanying MIC entourage did not raise any objections.
They are downtrodden citizens without any rights. They use to dominate sports in the 60s, 70s and even 80s but their contributions later fizzled out right under the nose of the Umno/BN government.
Indian Malaysians form about 7 percent of the population but 72 percent of gangsters come from the community. They, along with other Malaysians, provided outstanding services in the education and health services, but their numbers are dwindling and they are becoming few and far between as the days go by.
Traditionally an agrarian society
Indians were traditionally an agrarian society. But they are landless and the government agencies seemingly do not give two hoots for them. Indian Malaysians are a weak minority in a society where the majority has all the rights and privileges and makes them vulnerable and easy targets for political threats from the ruling party.
The special task force set up in 2011 to address stateless Indians had achieved little. To cover up these alleged failures, the Indian Malaysian blueprint is being introduced. Introducing masterplans and blueprints by political parties without cooperation from the civil services and implementers will only continue to keep the community at the bottom of society.
Alleged discriminatory policies, corruption and nepotism in high places and across the civil services will not help the marginalised minority.
Prime Minister Najib is battling for his political survival. MIC and BN Indian Malaysian parties are losing support. The Indian Malaysian blueprint is a masterplan for Umno/BN’s survival at the expense of the Indian Malaysian community. Indian Malaysians need justice, fair play and equal opportunity, not another blueprint and double standards.
Umno/BN has institutionalised racial and religious discrimination for the past 60 years yet now just before 14th general election, the Umno president and prime minister seem to show care and concern by introducing an economic blueprint.
No other country treats its minorities the way this Umno/BN government does. Even Zakir Naik, who is wanted by the Indian government, gets VIP treatment for apparently demonising Malaysian minorities. Minorities will never get justice and fairness under Umno/BN rule any time in future. It’s time to change the government to save Malaysia from Umno/BN.

S RAMAKRISHNAN is a former senator.- Mkini