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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Forsee UMNO candidates using PAS ticket

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Food for thought...came across this on my whatsapp group...read and think!

At this stage it’s likely PH vs PAS. I forsee UMNO candidates using PAS ticket. That’s why pas keep revising upwards number of seats they’re contesting. This is probably umno plan b/c 😎. Also explains why bulk of war chest is kept in separate kitty bcos if umno is non-existent, umno’s bank acct is frozen. Some interesting implications:
BN election banners need to be taken down soonest,
Ex umno cannot use ethnic-based MCA/MIC ticket without MCA/MIC amending their constitution, but may use Gerakan? or PAS. Other parties too insignificant. 
PAS needs lots more money to field ex umnos.
Hadi could be next PM or interim PM if PAS wins.

5 Perkara Dalam Perlembagaan Yang TIDAK BOLEH DIUBAH

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5 Perkara Dalam Perlembagaan Yang TIDAK BOLEH DIUBAH Oleh 222 Kerusi Parlimen (Dewan Rakyat) Dan Oleh Mana-Mana Parti Sekalipun Yang Membentuk Kerajaan KECUALI Mendapat Persetujuan Majlis Raja-Raja.
● Had Kuasa Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Majlis Raja-Raja hanya untuk Perkara-Perkara Perundangan (Legislative), bukannya Perkara-Perkara Penting Dalam Perlembagaan.
● Pindaan Perlembagaan yang telah berlaku pada tahun 1983, 1984 dan 1994 terhadap Artikel 66 (4) dan (4A), adalah berkaitan Had Masa Kuasa Untuk Menangguhkan Proses Kelulusan Sesuatu Undang-Undang. 
● Sebelum (Pindaan), ia adalah Tanpa Had Tempoh, manakala Selepas (Pindaan) Had Masa 30 Hari telah ditetapkan sebagai Tempoh Had Maksimum Sesuatu Undang-Undang Boleh Ditangguhkan.
● Ramai pihak yang tersalah anggap bahawa Kuasa Menangguhkan Proses Kelulusan Sesuatu Undang-Undang Tanpa Had Masa ini sebagai Kuasa Veto Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Majlis Raja-Raja. Sebenarnya, ia hanya satu tradisi, resam (convention) dan mengikut pertimbangan yang waras.
● Kuasa Veto atau Kuasa Membuat Kata Putus oleh Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Majlis Raja-Raja adalah pada Perkara-Perkara Penting Dalam Perlembagaan.
● Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Majlis Raja-Raja mempunyai Kuasa Veto untuk 11 perkara yang terkandung dalam Artikel 2 (b), 38 (b) dan 159 (5) Perlembagaan Persekutuan.
● Kuasa Veto Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Majlis Raja-Raja ini tidak dihadkan atau terkesan kepada pindaan Artikel 66 Perlembagaan Persekutuan sepertimana yang telah disebutkan di atas.
● Penulisan ini secara spesifik ingin membawa perhatian kita semua kepada Artikel 159 (5) Perlembagaan Persekutuan, dalam memperkatakan tentang Kuasa Veto itu tadi.
● Artikel 159 (5) Perlembagaan Persekutuan menyebut
"Sesuatu undang-undang yang membuat sesuatu pindaan kepada Fasal (4) Perkara 10, apa-apa undang-undang yang diluluskan dibawahnya, peruntukan Bahagian III, Perkara 38, 63 (4), 70, 71 (1), 72 (4), 152, atau 153 atau kepada Fasal ini tidaklah boleh diluluskan tanpa persetujuan Majlis Raja-Raja.
● Apakah perkara-perkara itu ?
1. Islam sebagai Agama Rasmi Persekutuan
2. Hak Istimewa Raja-Raja Melayu 
3. Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu 
4. Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan
5. Hak Pengisytiharan Darurat.

● 5 Perkara ini sudah terpahat kemas di dalam Perlembagaan. Ia TIDAK BOLEH DIUBAH sekalipun diluluskan 100% oleh 222 orang Ahli (Kerusi) Dewan Rakyat dan tidak kira parti mana yang akan memerintah atau membentuk Kerajaan KECUALI mendapat persetujuan Majlis Raja-Raja, seperti yang disebut di dalam Artikel 159 (5) Perlembagaan Persekutuan.
● Justeru, segeralah berhenti daripada terus memperbodoh-bodohkan rakyat khususnya orang-orang Melayu dan Islam. 
● PRU14 adalah perihal memilih Calon dan Parti mana yang bersedia menawarkan Dasar, Program dan Khidmat yang terbaik kepada rakyat dan negara. Bukannya masa untuk memilih agama ataupun bangsa. 
In GOD we Trust, 
CHANGE we Must.
Dirgahayu Malaysia ! 🇲🇾

Aiman Athirah Al Jundi
23 April 2018
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EC tells who can appear on posters

The Election Commission issues a guideline on the do's and don'ts in posters ahead of the GE14 campaign which begins this weekend.
PETALING JAYA: The Election Commission (EC) has required all political parties contesting in the coming election to obtain special permits for their campaign materials as part of additional requirements ahead of the campaign period.
It has also limited the pictures of political leaders which can be displayed on campaign materials to only those with the rank of president and deputy president, or the equivalent.
On larger banners showing multiple political leaders, only the president, deputy president, state chief and menteri besar, or the equivalent, can appear based on the registered logo or party used by the candidates.
The new requirements will be in effect throughout the campaign period from April 28 to May 8.
In a statement last night, the EC said it had set up 445 enforcement teams around the country to ensure that candidates and parties adhere to the laws stipulated under the Election Offences Act 1954.
“The EC urges all candidates and political parties contesting not to campaign in any way that is seditious, causes enmity or is malicious as per Section 4A of the act,” it said.

People who break road laws should be punished, not mollycoddled

Giving vehicle owners more time to renew their expired road tax may only perpetuate irresponsible behaviour.
Out of 29 million registered vehicles in Malaysia, only the owners of 19 million renew their road tax each year.
According to the Road Transport Department (JPJ), there are about 29 million registered vehicles in Malaysia, but only the owners of 19 million renew their road tax every year.
This means the owners of some 10 million vehicles do not pay their road tax, which translates into a lot of uncollected money.
How keen is Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai to encourage vehicle users and owners to comply with road rules? How interested is he in getting much needed revenue for JPJ?
A month ago, he announced that owners of vehicles with expired road tax could renew their insurance without having to fulfil the usual conditions.
Under normal circumstances, owners who allow their road tax to lapse must submit their vehicles for inspection at Puspakom before they can renew their tax.
Liow’s special programme, which lasts until the end of June, enables vehicle owners to renew their road tax with no questions asked. The only condition is that the tax must have expired within the last three years.
Why is Liow not punishing errant road users? If they have not paid their road tax, it is possible that they have neglected to pay insurance or fines. If they are that irresponsible, chances are that they may not even possess a valid driver’s licence.
If Liow starts giving concessions, road users may not understand or appreciate that they are responsible for the condition of their vehicles. How does he propose to hold them accountable for their actions if things go wrong or if accidents occur?
At the beginning of the year, JPJ director-general Shaharuddin Khalid said his department was monitoring vehicle owners from the peninsula who bypassed the payment system and paid the lower road tax rates for Sabah and Sarawak.
He said those who short-changed the system by renewing their road tax in Labuan or East Malaysia were breaking the law. However, he added that it was difficult to crack down on such vehicles as they are seldom seen on the roads. He also said the online payment method made it difficult to confirm where the vehicles are located.
But these sound dangerously close to excuses.
For years, we have heard about irresponsible vehicle owners causing accidents due in part to inadequate enforcement of traffic laws. The law has not caught up with drivers or vehicle owners who fail to pay the fines for unsafe vehicles or violating highway codes.
Does the right hand of Liow’s ministry know what its left hand is up to? What we need is strict enforcement, not a ministry that panders to law-breakers and payment dodgers.
Mariam Mokhtar is an FMT columnist.

Will last-minute ‘black swans’ appear before May 9?

PPBM strategist says both sides might have tricks up their sleeves to turn the tide in the final week of campaigning.
PPBM strategist Rais Hussin says the final week of campaigning is always crucial. (Facebook pic)
PETALING JAYA: Watch out for last-minute “tricks up their sleeves” from Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan nearer to polling day, says PPBM strategist Rais Hussin, who predicts that there would be surprises from both sides in the final week of the election campaign.
People were yet to see the “black swans” from the two rival coalitions, he told FMT.
“Black swans are tricks up the sleeves to turn the tide,” said Rais, a PPBM Supreme Council member who heads his party’s Policy and Strategy Bureau.
“There is enough literature available worldwide, even in not-so-free democracies, which suggest that the last week determines the outcome of an election.”
Many political analysts have speculated about how Malay voters will cast their ballots, with PH claiming there would be a “Malay tsunami” in their favour, a claim rejected by BN.
Rais was concerned whether Umno would turn up the heat with racial and religious politicking. “One way to win the election is to inculcate a deep fear within the people,” he said, while rural people preferred the status quo and feared change.
“No one knows for sure what will happen because things can change in that last one week,” he said.
“What if BN suddenly turns around and says that goods and services tax (GST) will be abolished from May 1? What if BN says there is a transition plan in place (for Najib Razak to step down) should BN win?
“These are just some examples of black swans – they may or may not happen.”
Rais believes both sides would produce “black swans”, as neither side could afford to lose.
“For BN, the consequences of losing could be massive, and PH has their best chance ever to win, simply because the ground is fertile: people are angry and they want change.”
“This is going to be a very big thing in Malaysia because at the end of the day a large chunk of parliamentary seats are determined by rural voters. For them, the most important thing is the status-quo. They get very worried about change.” - FMT

PSM’s Jeyakumar offers to pull out of Sungai Siput race

The two-term MP says a multi-cornered fight will only benefit BN.
PSM’s Michael Jeyakumar says he is willing to stay out of the polls.
PETALING JAYA: PSM’s sole MP Michael Jeyakumar said he was ready to withdraw from contesting the coming polls to defend the Sungai Siput seat.
The socialist party, which is not part of Pakatan Harapan (PH), is currently discussing the proposal in a bid to avoid a Barisan Nasional (BN) victory in the event of a multi-cornered fight.
“There are some supporters, people in the party and those in our branch here that are asking the question, should we stand down instead of gifting the seat to BN,” Jeyakumar told FMT.
Both PH and PAS will most likely field candidates there, forcing a four-cornered fight, which many analysts say could result in a BN victory.
The seat, long held by former MIC strongman S. Samy Vellu until 2008, was won in the last two general elections by Jeyakumar who contested under the PKR banner.
Jeyakumar, a medical doctor popular among locals, said he might stand down for the benefit of the voters there, adding that there was talk that opposition supporters were split between PSM and PH.
“We are debating if the right move would be to pull out of the race. I know people will be very disappointed if they have to make that choice (between PH and PSM).
“Even though we believe we have the better candidate, we do not want to take the blame for losing the seat.”
Besides Sungai Siput, PSM has also been eyeing the Cameron Highlands seat, where DAP has announced it would contest. - FMT

Subramaniam vows action against saboteurs within MIC

GE14 | Disciplinary action will be taken should there be any evidence of sabotage among MIC party candidates, said its president Dr S Subramaniam.
Subramaniam said he hoped such a thing would not happen as MIC, being one of BN component parties, should work well with each other.
“The issue of sabotage is very common among parties, but in MIC, if such a thing should happen, then we would have to take action,” he told a press conference during the introduction of MIC candidates contesting for the 14th General Election, at its party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.
Subramaniam was commenting over a tussle between MIC and MyPPP on the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat in Pahang and Buntong state seat in Perak.
Earlier, MIC Perak had announced T Thangarani, 55, would contest Buntong, removing any wresting of the seat between MIC and MyPPP.
Previously, MyPPP president M Kavyeas alleged that he was willing to let go other seats to retain Cameron Highlands and Buntong.
To this, Subramaniam said MIC would have no issue if BN chairperson Najib Abdul Razak wants to give the seat to MyPPP.
“To me its fine, as MyPPP is also a BN component party, as long as BN wins the two seats, it is all good,” he added.
DAP’S A Sivasubramaniam has been Buntong assemblyperson since 2008.
During 13th general election, Sivasubramaniam defeated MIC Youth leader C Sivarraajh by a majority of 8,629 votes.

Meanwhile, Thangarani when interviewed by Bernamaon the sidelines, said, “I believe we can regain the Buntong seat and do something for the people there.”
Thangarani, a retired teacher also said the party is now focused on developing Buntong which he claimed to be very static for the last 10 years under the DAP leadership.
- Bernama