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MRSM Student Sustains Serious Injuries In School Bully Case

Tengku Ampuan Rahimah HospitalTengku Ampuan Rahimah HospitalBALIK PULAU: A secondary school student is fighting for his life at a hospital in Klang, Selangor with broken ribs from a gang attack here yesterday.
The 14-year-old also from Klang, believed to be a victim of school bully, is a student of Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) here.
He was accused of stealing shoes from others and sustained serious injuries after he was beaten up by some eight students from Form 2 to 4 in the school hostel about 7pm.
Southwest district police chief Superintendent Lai Fah Hin confirmed that a police report had been lodged by the victim's family members.
"He is in a critical situation as the broken bone fragments have intruded his heart," Lai said when contacted.
The victim has been since been warded at the intensive care unit at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang after family members brought him back to his hometown.
Lai said the police rounded up the eight students and had their statements recorded. They were subsequently released on police bail.
The police have classified the case as rioting under Section 147 under the Penal Code.

Suami Jadikan Tubuhnya Perisai Demi Lindungi Isteri Dari Perompak

Suami Jadikan Tubuhnya Perisai Demi Lindungi Isteri Dari Perompak

Suami Jadikan Tubuhnya Perisai Demi Lindungi Isteri Dari Perompak | Seorang suami sanggup menjadikan tubuhnya sebagai perisai dengan membiarkan badannya ditetak parang bertalu-talu bagi melindungi isterinya daripada diserang perompak ganas.
Kejadian yang berlaku kira-kira jam 10.30 malam semalam, lelaki tersebut mengalami kecederaan serius selepas berusaha mempertahankan nyawa isterinya sebaik mereka diserang di sebuah pangsapuri di Sentul di sini.
Mangsa yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai Choo menyatakan kejadian berlaku ketika dia dan isteri berusia 28 tahun baru pulang dari bekerja.
Menurutnya, mereka tidak menggunakan lif di pangsapuri itu sebaliknya mengambil keputusan menaiki tangga menuju ke unit kediaman mereka.
“Kami bagaimanapun terkejut apabila seorang lelaki bersenjatakan parang tiba-tiba muncul sebelum menyerang kami. Lelaki itu langsung tidak memberi sebarang amaran sebaliknya menetak kami bertubi-tubi.
“Saya dapat lihat tangan isteri berlumuran darah akibat ditetak penjenayah. Bimbang nyawanya terancam, saya mengambil keputusan melindungi isteri dengan tubuh saya.
“Penjenayah itu yang seolah-olah hilang akal masih terus menetak belakang saya bertalu-talu.
Walaupun sakit, namun saya tetap berusaha menyelamatkan isteri kerana bimbang dia dibunuh,” katanya.
Kemudian, penjenayah kemudian merampas beg tangan milik isterinya sebelum melarikan diri dengan menaiki motosikal yang diletakkan tidak jauh dari pangsapuri itu.
“Saya sempat melihat penjenayah itu melarikan diri dengan seorang lagi suspek yang membonceng motosikal berkenaan. Susulan itu saya segera meminta bantuan orang ramai sebelum kami dihantar ke HKL,” katanya.
Namun, isterinya itu putus satu jari tangan kiri akibat ditetak.
“Dia kini masih dirawat di HKL dan keadaannya dilaporkan stabil. Saya masih terkejut dengan kejadian itu berikutan kami sudah menetap di pangsapuri itu sejak tujuh tahun lalu,” katanya.

MALAYSIA AT A CROSSROAD: It's not about Anwar, it’s about us

MALAYSIA AT A CROSSROAD: It's not about Anwar, it’s about us
In a little while, we will all know whether Anwar Ibrahim will go to jail for the second time and forfeit his position as a duly elected Member of Parliament and as Opposition leader for the second time.
But this is not about Anwar. It's about us.
The difference the judgment makes is whether we will continue to sink deeper into the cesspool of hopelessness, despair, and fear as a nation, or will we dare to begin to dream of a better Malaysia, a country we can all proudly call home.
We either end up as a buggered banana republic or an emerging nation-state ready to take our place among the newly rich countries.
The judiciary is at a crossroad too but it's the people who will judge them.
The bench concerned will go down in history as wise, just and righteous men, or as those who poison the fount of justice to the extent that people in need of adjudication would rather go thirsty than to drink from it.
The attorney-general, and through his advice to the cabinet, principally the prime minister, too, is at a crossroad and under scrutiny.
One turn takes us back into the old century while the other one takes us to a brave new world.
Najib Razak cannot wash his hands off the Anwar trial.
Minimally, he's part of the collective scandal to charge Anwar. Thrice. The first two under Dr Mahathir Mohamad and now, under his very own leadership.
The right question
Many a time, well-meaning friends wanted to know the inside story regarding Anwar simply because I am a journalist. Is Anwar a bugger? This really bugs me.
How do I know; I have not seen him doing it.
One gets the wrong answers from the wrong questions.
The right question is, did Anwar get a fair trial – first time round and now?
The right answer is, no!
We need to remember Anwar was at the prime of his career then as deputy president of Umno and deputy prime minister when then-prime minister Dr Mahathir got him thrown into the slammer for six years on trumped up charges of sodomy.
If they can do that to Anwar – a Malay, a Muslim, and an Umno leader with Islamic credentials – they can do that to just about anyone.
You and I have no protection under the law under this kind of regime. That explains the exodus of Malaysians for foreign shores since Anwar's jailing.
Do the right thing
This is what it's all about. It's about decency. It's about playing by the rules. It's about having a government with integrity.
There's really no case against Anwar this time just as there was no case against him previously.
Anwar should be set free unless there are compelling reasons not to. There's no need to be fixated nor preoccupied with trivialities of the law surrounding this case.
We need to ask; did this man get a fair trial? That, fundamentally, is the whole purpose of the law. In Anwar's case, the dice is loaded.
Anwar has actually faced three trials. Following his sacking, he was tried for the first time in 1998 (for corruption relating to the sodomy case) and convicted in 1999 by the High Court and sentenced to six years. Both cases failed at the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court subsequently.
On June 7, 1999, he was charged with sodomy and convicted; the Federal Court acquitted him on appeal in 2004.
By that time Dr Mahathir was forced to step down after 23 years of running the country with an iron fist and replaced by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
The talk was it was Abdullah who secured Anwar's acquittal.
This only served to validate allegations that the judiciary can be manipulated; first to serve Mahathir's purposes, then Abdullah's.
Abdullah called fresh elections in 2004 and received an unprecedented electoral victory – the biggest in history – for saving Anwar's skin.
Seeking a reversal
In 2008, Anwar was charged with sodomy again but was acquitted four years later. But the prosecution went to the Court of Appeal and got the acquittal overturned.
The case is now before the Federal Court where Anwar is seeking a reversal of fortunes.
Anwar issued a statement, on Aug 18, 2014, after the dates for his current appeal was fixed – alleging Najib's involvement in that he had met the accuser Saiful Bukhari, Anwar's former aide, on June 24, 2008, which is two days before Saiful claims the alleged incident took place.
"This is blatant conspiracy staring us in the face!” Anwar said.
Meanwhile, out of prison, Anwar proved to be the most lethal for Umno, the dominant Malay party in the 14-component ruling coalition.
In the 2008 general elections, the incumbent regime under Abdullah was nearly wiped out, losing its critical two-third majority in Parliament which had allowed it to amend the constitution at will for the past half a century it was in power.
It also lost Selangor and Penang, the industrial powerhouse of the nation, as well as Kedah and Perak, while failing to regain Kelantan from Pas, the opposition Islamic party.
When Najib Razak, who had taken over the premiership from Abdullah, decided to call for fresh elections in 2013 in order to seek a popular mandate, he was rebuffed by an angry electorate.
The regime lost its popular mandate for the first time in history, with the opposition garnering 52 percent share of the popular vote. The writing is on the wall.
Putting Anwar Ibrahim back behind bars is not going to alter the path of history on the march. It's the court of public opinion that matters really.
Never mind even if justice chooses to be blind. -M'kini

STUPID, IGNORANT & MALICIOUS: Prof Khoo's son flays 'semi-literate' Isma man for twisting dad's 'pendatang' research

STUPID, IGNORANT & MALICIOUS: Prof Khoo's son flays 'semi-literate' Isma man for twisting dad's 'pendatang' research
Mohd Firdaus Salleh Hudin,
A few matters concerning the above: the writing referred to is a widely acknowledged scholarly study in Malaysian historiography because it methodically encapsulated the experience of immigration – penhijraan (yes, at one time the formal term for immigration was "penghijraan) – of the Chinese and Indians to the Malay peninsula.
I wish to stress that it was a scholarly and academic study not a piece of writing that fuels the culture of abuse and name calling that has become the political culture among those who can best be described as stupid, ignorant and malicious.
Perhaps you, Firdaus, did not fully understand the essay, or perhaps did not read the original essay at all but based your understanding on excerpts or rumour.
This is what can be described as a "semi-literate" reading and writings based on a "semi-literate" understanding can only be regarded as not possessing integrity.
I hope Firdaus will publish this comment so that the views and writings of my father – Emeritus Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim – will receive the clarification it truly requires.
Thank you. –TMI


They say all good things must come to an end. I wonder why not enough emphasis is given to the other end of the spectrum where all bad things, too, come to an end.
Throughout history, we have seen how evil regimes, however mighty and strong they may be for a period of time, eventually come crumbling down. And, interestingly enough, it is almost always the case where the crumble is due to internal squabbles within that particular regime, incompetence, irrational behaviour and of course greed.
As night follows day, governments of the day will eventually change. It is only natural. The reason for this is very clear. It is simply because the people, over time, come to realise that a particular government, and its manner of administration, is no more suitable with the current times.
Sometimes, a particular government of the day refuses to let go of power, and will do all that is necessary (and unnecessary) to be in power and remain relevant. This may lead to irrational approach to things thus making it difficult for a smooth transition of power to take place.
It is in these circumstances where we shall see a "fall" of a particular government.
Fall is an effect of a "push". When we do not want something and yet it is shoved to our faces, the only natural reaction would be to push that thing away resulting in its fall.
Similarly, a government of the day, which is irrational and greedy, would eventually face the same fate. However much they try to stay in power, if they continue to administer a state under policies which are contrary to the wishes of the people, they will be pushed away by the people when the people have had enough.
In Malaysia, are we going to see a smooth transition of a government or a fall of a government? In other words, will Barisan Nasional hand over its power when the time comes in a peaceful and gentleman-like manner, or will Barisan Nasional create a fuss like a six-year-old refusing to give back the neighbour’s bicycle which was borrowed for the evening?
It is clear that in the next couple of years, we are almost definitely going to see a change in government at the federal level. People have come to realise that the current policies practiced by Barisan Nasional is no longer relevant, and dare I say, beneficial to the country as a whole.
Over the years, we have seen how the empty promises of Barisan Nasional has led to the decay in all aspects of life for the ordinary folks. On the same breath, we have seen how a handful of “superstars” have gotten obscenely rich, as a result of Barisan Nasional’s policies. The concept of distribution of wealth in Malaysia is non-existent.
People have now come to realise that as a result of Barisan Nasional’s policies, certain people are getting richer, while the ordinary folks are not seeing any improvement in their quality of life.
The NEP which was introduced in 1971 was for the eradication of poverty and yet, some forty years down the road, we still see Malays being the poorest of the lot. This despite Barisan Nasional’s yearly promises of advancing Bumiputera? Something is clearly amiss here. Why is Barsian Nasional continuously keeping the Malays downtrodden?
It is against this backdrop that we see today a significant change in people’s attitudes towards Barisan Nasional’s policies. These realisation and frustration of the people had resulted in the fall of Barisan Nasional in certain states, something which has never before been seen in the history of Malaysia.
It is also against this backdrop that we see the people’s acceptance of a multi-racial and peaceful approach to things, as opposed to the "divide and conquer" approach of Barisan Nasional.
Having seen this uprising of the people, Barisan Nasional has now resorted to irrational tactics in their attempt to remain relevant and in power. And, what a more better way to do that than to remove all the catalysts behind the uprising at whatever cost.
However, there is a cost to be paid. As a result of Barisan Nasional’s actions to destroy any form of opposition (either from within themselves [I can think of only one] or outside through other political parties), the rule of law and the perception of the judiciary became victims in the crossfire.
Any country without the rule of law cannot possibly thrive in any way. Any country in which the judiciary is perceived to be biased cannot possibly have any confidence of investors and of the people in general. A country without the rule of law and an impartial and un-biased judiciary can never, under any circumstances, be considered a developed nation. Barisan Nasional, over the years, have somehow successfully managed to do just that.
Barisan Nasional’s specific and actual allocation of funds (people’s money mind you) are somewhat subject to secrecy and cannot be revealed to Malaysians as a whole. As a result, when the ordinary folks do not see any form of help despite Barisan Nasional’s announcement in a budget, we, the ordinary folks tend to think that those funds must have stopped somewhere down the line. In such circumstances, how is an ordinary Malaysian not to have the perception that Barisan Nasional government is not corrupt?
Notwithstanding the fact that Malaysia is an oil producing nation, its citizens now have to show their identity cards (at petrol kiosks manned by foreign workers) and be divided into classes of persons to purchase fuel at different rates. How Barisan Nasional can justify this act is beyond me.
Having not succeeded in trying to play the race card, it seems now that Barisan Nasional has now resorted to religious extremism. Perhaps this is Barisan Nasional’s final act in its attempt to stay in power. However, Malaysians have come to realise that Barisan Nasional’s views no longer represent the views of the moderate Muslims. And so, Barisan Nasional has successfully managed to isolate itself.
Strangely enough, as stated earlier, the inevitable fall of Barisan Nasional inthe upcoming years will ultimately be due to its own internal squabbles, incompetence, irrational behaviour and greed. -TMI

MALAYSIA GOES CUCKOO! Of rising Muslim fundamentalism & high-speed STUPIDITY!

M'SIA GOES CUCKOO! Of rising Muslim fundamentalism & high-speed STUPIDITY!
Here’s a light-bulb joke:
Q: How many religious fundamentalists does it take to change a light-bulb?
A: Why are you asking me this? Are you trying to insult me?! Is there darkness in your life, caused by worms in your brain? And it’s clear what may come next – sex orgies!
The “I Want To Touch A Dog” event, held recently at Bandar Utama in Malaysia was (yet) another lightning-rod for high-speed stupidity. Another relatively fun and harmless episode which, predictablyenough, morphed into all out paranoia, condemnation and religious hot-air-puffing. Ditto JAIS, MAIS, PAS – and some seriously sicko online trolls who see the event as so clear and present a danger they needto threaten Syed Azmi Alhabshi’s life. Like night follows day, all these folks get soooo worked up, it’s as if the 1-Utama-rians were promoting “I Want To Get Ebola.”
Malaysia totally Boleh, man.
We’ve got floods, we’ve got exam-paper leaks, we’ve got a national sports doping scandal but YIPPEE-DOO-DAH these funny-mentalists want to persecute an animal-lover. We’ve got ISIS tearing up the Middle-East. We’ve got Ebola causing havoc in Africa (very sad) and panic in America (a bit funny). We’ve got that national headache called the G.S.T, but – ladies and gents – thebest-and-brightest minds in FT PAS cannot help but equate a weekend educational event with clandestine sex orgies. Needless to say, the theological virtuosoes at Perkasa can’t resist equating Klang Valleytornadoes with Muslims patting Alsatians. And, saddest of sad cases, PAS beloved spiritual leader has to suggest that the event-organisers need a lobotomy given the maggots in their minds.
A billion sperm-cells and these folks reached the finish line first.
Here’s a question I’ve asked before but, because I’m living in truly Asia-Malaysia, I will keep asking: could it be that fundamentalist Muslims require a constant element of fear as an integral part of thatwhich constitutes its own faith?
Not unlike Pembela and Perkasa who (previously, and even now) can feel threatened by 5,000 copies ofthe Alkitab coming in to the country, are JAIS, MAIS and PAS doing nothing more than producing what they have to believe i.e. that liberals, non-Muslims and generally anyone else who are not them, are up tono good?
In other word, are threats to fundamentalist faith something which such faith needs to include into itself?
There’s a wonderful quote about dogs which I found online:
“God said I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs, yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind. Somebody who will spend all day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes to lift the spirits of a broken heart. So God made a dog.”
I don’t know who wrote the quote. Probably not the F.T. PAS Youth Committee.
For those guys? Even if they fully believed this, they would find a reason to be suspicious of dogs. For JAIS and MAIS, quotes like this – instead of inspiring affection and gratitude – must be scrutinizedfor booby-traps. For MAIS, spiritual inspiration is one and the same with clamming down on those oh-so-evil liberals out to destroy the Muslim world.
The point is, the fear of apostasy is part and parcel of what it means to be a fundamentalist, a fearwhich ‘makes up’ the faith as they know it, a fear which drives them to even greater efforts at religious policing and outward ‘righteousness’.
Like the gay-hating father (played by Chris Cooper) in "American Beauty", the more he hates homosexuals, the more his homosexual tendencies manifest themselves. In fact, his hate for homosexuals was theultimate EXPRESSION of his need for homosexual affection.
All of which highlights the vulnerable and less than fully authentic nature of the kind of faith fundamentalists have.
True belief, it has been said, casts out fear. A pure faith also rejects an obsessive concern with policing other faiths and in fact longs to see the good in the different. Love, in other words, is present in the genuine.
In contrast, hate and prejudice usually reign in the minds of those who are afraid that their personal and spiritual insecurities will come into the public light. Yet paradoxically, like Oedipus, the more they wantto run away from their own fears (by accusing others of being the source of these fears), the more they actualize what they fear because the fundamentalist’s greatest fear is having nothing to fear.
Now that’s what I call having maggots in one’s mind. –TMI

Malaysian govt & Sultan treated me like RUBBISH' - activist Ali explains asylum in Sweden

M'sian govt & Sultan treated me like RUBBISH' - activist Ali explains asylum in Sweden
KUALA LUMPUR - Youth activist Ali Abdul Jalil who is now seeking political asylum in Sweden to escape prosecution for sedition back home, accused the Malaysian government today of treating him like “rubbish”.
Writing on his Facebook page this afternoon, Ali claimed his country no longer felt like a safe haven for him, especially after receiving a number of threats from “gangsters and racist Malay groups in Malaysia”.
“Now, I am in Sweden... Looking for asylum… the Malaysian government and sultan treat me like rubbish,” he wrote.
“I have been threatened with gangsters and racist Malay groups in Malaysia.... Malaysia is not safe for me, police and gangsters are following me all the time,” he added.
Ali also thanked several human rights groups for their support, namely Amnesty International, Anything But Umno, Parti Sosialis Malaysia, Suara Rakyat Malaysia, the Bar Council, Lawyers for Liberty, Sisters in Islam, Projek Dialog and Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia, among others.
According to news portal Rakyat Times today, Ali left Malaysia on October 18 and flew to Stockholm, Sweden, from Bangkok three days later.
Upon arrival, the young activist made contact with the Swedish chapter of Amnesty International, where he received advice on how to apply for political asylum, the portal wrote.
Ali was subsequently interviewed by the local immigration authorities on Thursday where he reportedly disclosed the full details of his court cases back home. He is now awaiting the results of his application.
Earlier today, Ali’s sister Asiah confirmed that her brother had left town to seek asylum abroad.
She said Ali had not informed his family of the sudden move but contacted them upon his arrival on Tuesday.
Ali was among the 15 anti-government dissidents and opposition politicians who arrested under the colonial-era Sedition Act 1948 in the space of one month.
The sedition dragnet has drawn domestic and international condemnation, putting the Najib administration’s reform pledge under the spotlight.
On September 8, after posting bail for one sedition charge of insulting the Johor royalty, Ali was rearrested and then charged again for another two counts - one for allegedly insulting the Sultan of Selangor and the other for undermining the royal institution.
He later claimed trial to the two charges at the Shah Alam Sessions Court with his bail set at RM4,000 for each count. -Malay Mail