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Nirmala Bonat receives RM129,147 in damages

High Court orders ex-employers to pay her damages for abusing and injuring her 10 years ago.
nirmalaThe High Court yesterday ordered the former employers of Indonesian maid Nirmala Bonat to pay her RM129,147.20 in damages for abusing and injuring her 10 years ago.
Judicial Commissioner Siti Khadijah S. Hassan Badjenid allowed the suit filed by Nirmala and also ordered Yim Pek Ha and her husband Hii Ik Ting, as the defendants, to pay RM10,000 in costs to the woman who came from Desa Tuapakas, Kota Kupang, Indonesia.
Siti Khadijah made the decision after Nirmala managed to prove her case against the defendants.
The sum of damages was for the injuries Nirmala had suffered on her breasts, back, arms, head, face, mouth and nose, besides the emotional stress.
The court, however, rejected Nirmala’s application for compensation with regard to medical expenses incurred, loss of ability to earn income and for transport costs.
In her written judgement which was distributed to the press yesterday, Siti Khadijah said Nirmala had suffered a lot of pain from the physical injuries inflicted upon her which had also caused her emotional strain.
“As a human being, anyone could imagine her pain when a hot iron was placed on both her breasts and her back,” she said, adding that Nirmala had not received treatment for her injuries but only took Panadol.
The Judicial Commissioner stated that Nirmala also had to endure embarrassment from pictures taken of injuries to her body, including her intimate parts, which were made public.
Also present at the proceeding was Yim, who is now serving her 12-year jail sentence at Kajang prison, and her husband. Both were represented by lawyers Chan Vy Sing and Lam Cheng Wun.
However, Nirmala who was represented by counsel M. Kavimani, was not present in court.
On January 28, 2010, Nirmala, 29, filed the suit against Yim, 46, and Hii, 48, for injuries and pain she had suffered while under their employment as a domestic maid at the couple’s home in Villa Putera, Jalan Tun Dr Ismail after she was hired in September 2003.
Nirmala said that Hii failed to prevent his wife from physically abusing her and also failed to give her proper medical treatment for her injuries.
She claimed general damages for pain and suffering and special damages of over RM40,000 for loss of income, cost of medical treatment and other costs to be assessed by the court.
On October 1, 2012, the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s decision of sentencing Yim to 12 years’ jail after finding her guilty on three counts of injuring Nirmala.
– Bernama

It is PR in turmoil, not BN

Najib Razak sweeps aside his plummeting support and says BN’s by-election wins a good sign.
najib-malaysian-flagKUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Razak has remained defiant in the face of his dwindling support, saying that Barisan Nasional’s victory in the last two by-elections was proof enough that support was returning to its shores.
He said, “In terms of politics, our success in the by-elections, we hope such successes will enable us to prepare more for the challenges in the coming general election.”
He was referring to BN’s victory in the Teluk Intan and Pengkalan Kubor by-elections.
Najib said in order to keep this upward momentum, BN component parties had to strengthen their positions and refrain from falling into chaos like the opposition’s Pakatan Rakyat.
Drawing attention to the long, drawn-out scramble for the menteri bear post in Selangor that saw PR partners turn on each other, Najib said, “We can improve on our cooperation – we look at the opposition and they are more in turmoil than BN.”
Taking on a motivational tone, the PM urged, “We need to look internally, strengthen each party and show the commitment to ensure BN’s continued success,” he said.
He also sounded confident saying if BN parties showed positive leadership, the coalition’s supporters would appreciate what they were doing.
Najib said this despite his dwindling support if survey results by the Merdeka Centre was anything to go by.
His approval ratings took a hit after widespread dissatisfaction over fuel subsidy cuts and plummeted to 48% from 54%, a popularity high after he successfully brokered a deal to retrieve black boxes and bring home victims of the MH17 tragedy.


jho low
JYNWEL Capital may not ring a bell, but the name Low Teik Jho, aka Jho Low, sure does. The 32-year-old high-flying businessman needs little introduction, having shot into the limelight for his influence in oil-rich Gulf countries, parties at exclusive clubs with the likes of socialite Paris Hilton and R&B superstar Usher, and his apparent close ties with top Malaysian politicians.
But beyond his flamboyant lifestyle, the Wharton graduate is back in the news – this time for his business dealings.
Consider this – Jynwel Capital – in which Jho Low is the chief executive officer, has in the last three years been involved in deals worth more than US$7bil (RM22bil).
Based on its deal flows, the firm, which is based in Hong Kong, stands taller than many Malaysian-helmed privately-owned entities. And it has caught the attention of Malaysians and foreigners alike.
Jynwel Capital was co-founded by Jho Low and his brother Szen Low in 2010. This was a year after Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA), an entity where Jho Low served as an adviser for about five months from January 2009, failed to take off.
TIA was set up to manage the oil royalty money – amounting to more than RM1bil per year – that the state was getting from Petronas. The original plan was for the state to raise RM6bil and the Federal Government to fork out RM5bil to establish a major fund to spur investments in the state and the country.
But TIA did not take off. However the Federal Government went ahead with the RM5bil fund raising that was used to establish 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).
Jho Low and his brother Szen Low are the third generation of the Low family from Penang.
Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report has estimated the Low’s family wealth to be worth US$1.75bil (RM5.76bil).
A spokesperson for Jynwel Capital and the Low family, however, declines to verify the report, citing reasons of confidentiality and security protocols of the enlarged Low family and its beneficiaries.
Nevertheless, if the estimation by WSJ is indeed correct, then this would put the Low family’s wealth on par with some of corporate Malaysia’s richest tycoons like Tan Sri Vincent Tan of the Berjaya Group; Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King of the Rimbunan Hijau Group, and brothers Tan Sri Shahril Shamsuddin and Datuk Shahriman Shamsuddin of SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd, going by Forbes richest-list ranking.
These personalities have a net worth ranging from US$1.4bil to US$1.8bil, according to Forbes magazine’s 2014 wealth survey for Malaysia.
While Jho Low may appear to be a prime driver in the merger and acquisition (M&A) activities of Jynwel Capital, the firm has participated as a minority investor in these investments except Myla, a spokesperson tells StarBizWeek.
“The Low family’s investment trusts (advised by Jynwel Capital Ltd) participated as minority investors in these investments, except for Myla where the Low family’s investment trusts took a majority stake.
“In certain transactions such as Coastal Energy, The Park Lane Hotel and Myla, Jynwel Capital sourced the transaction, acted as an investment adviser and took the lead in managing the transaction process,” the spokesperson says via email.
The spokesperson says majority stakeholders in the investments included entities with significant financial resources ranging from the global private equity firm the Blackstone Group’s GSO and sovereign wealth fund Kuwait Investment Authority to high-net-worth billionaire investors such as David Geffen and Dr Thomas Kaplan.
Jynwel Capital has been more visible, given its cooperation with international blue-chip private equity firms, the spokesperson adds.
Prominent deals
On Tuesday, Jynwel Capital, jointly with Spain-based oil and gas (O&G) company Compañía Española de Petróleos, SAU (Cepsa), said it was in discussions to buy London-listed Salamander Energy PLC – a deal, which if successful, will make it a significant O&G player in Asia with production in excess of 50,000 barrels.
Just in the previous week, Jynwel Capital together with unnamed Abu Dhabi-based funds launched a 1.7 billion euros (RM7.06bil) bid to buy Reebok from Adidas AG.
In November last year, Jho Low created a stir in the O&G circle when he teamed up with Cepsa to take over Canadian-listed Coastal Energy Co. Coastal Energy has principal assets in Thailand and Malaysia.
Elsewhere, Jynwel Capital had invested in global commodities company Electrum Group with Kuwait Investment Authority; and was involved in the US$2.2bil acquisition of EMI Music Publishing jointly with The Blackstone Group’s GSO, Sony Corp, David Geffen and Mubadala Development Company.
The spokesperson says Jynwel Capital is positioned as an investment adviser to the Low family investment trusts and other consortium investors, besides being involved in investment and advisory services to professional investors. “We do not currently manage third-party funds,” the spokesperson states.
According to its website, Jynwel Capital has a focus on high-value investments in a variety of target sectors, including media and entertainment, consumer and retail, energy and resources, real estate and hospitality, precious metals, commodities and infrastructure.
Stronger foothold in O&G
Going forward, sources say that Jynwel Capital may be looking to build a stronger foothold in the lucrative O&G sector.
Sources say Coastal Energy has joined in the running to secure a production sharing contract (PSC) for Block PM9, which is a brownfield O&G development located offshore Terengganu.
The PSC for PM9 was supposed to have been awarded by Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) to the successful bidder by the end of 2013, according to various news reports last year. But little progress has been made so far.
The frontrunner for the project was then reported to be the joint venture comprising Perisai Petroleum Teknologi Bhd and its Canadian partner Talisman Energy Inc.
Sources, however, tell StarBizWeek that the luck may have flipped, with Coastal Energy now seeming to be the favoured one to be awarded the PSC for PM9 by Petronas.
Coastal Energy already has an existing partnership with Petra Energy Bhd for a risk service contract by Petronas to operate the Kapal, Banang and Meranti cluster fields located offshore Peninsular Malaysia.
When asked on Coastal Energy possibly being awarded the PM9 field, the spokesperson says the Low family investor, Jho Low’s father Tan Sri Larry Low Hock Peng, is purely a minority passive investor in Coastal Energy, and thus, is not in a position to comment. In addition, the spokesperson notes, Larry is not on the board of Coastal Energy.

Putrajaya must reduce RON95 price if global fuel prices continue to drop, says DAP

Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong said it would be unfair for Malaysians if a sales tax was imposed when crude oil prices had fallen below the current pump price. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, November 1, 2014.Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong said it would be unfair for Malaysians if a sales tax was imposed when crude oil prices had fallen below the current pump price. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, November 1, 2014.
As global crude oil prices continue to tumble, a DAP lawmaker has said Putrajaya must commit itself to reducing the price of RON95 petrol in the country.
Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong said Putrajaya must make clear how it will deal with an opposite trend in crude oil prices in a way that will be fair to ordinary Malaysians.
"Budget 2014 assumed that the crude oil price would be at US$110 per barrel while Budget 2015 assumed that it would be at US$105 per barrel. The current price hovers around US$80 to US$85 per barrel.
"But Putrajaya must also not impose a petroleum sales tax to fill the revenue gap resulting from smaller petroleum-related revenue from Petronas," he said in a statement today.
Liew said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is also finance minister, should also overrule his deputy Datuk Ahmad Maslan on imposing petroleum sales tax if global oil prices fall.
He said it would be unfair for Malaysians if a sales tax was imposed when crude oil prices had fallen below the current pump price.
"Najib must categorically reject that option now," he said.
Liew was commenting on Ahmad who had said that the government could choose to reduce the price of RON95 if the global crude oil fell to as low as RM1.72 per litre and impose a sales tax of 58 sen.
Ahmad said a second option would be that the government reduce the petrol price to RM1.72 based on world market and not impose sales tax, which would cost the country revenue for development.
Liew, who is Johor DAP chairman, said even without tax, the price of RON95 petrol was at RM2.30 per litre.
"Ahmad said the problem now will be getting back the RM23.5 billion last year and RM21 billion this year paid to petroleum companies to enable us to reduce the price of petrol.
"The whole debate shows that the government is living in its own world as far as economic management is concerned."
Liew also took a dig at the tiered subsidised petrol scheme the government is mulling, which would have people earning RM10,000 and above paying the full petrol price without subsidy.
"It is a joke when just days ago the finance minister, second finance minister and deputy finance minister were still thinking about a tiered subsidised petrol scheme.
"It will only benefit the crony that devised the messy scheme," he said.
On Monday, Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah announced preliminary details for a new three-tiered fuel subsidy scheme that would benefit only the lower-income group
Those earning RM5,000 to RM10,000 will get partial subsidy for petrol, while those earning less will enjoy full subsidy.
Earlier this week, Najib reportedly said the new fuel subsidy scheme would be enforced mid-2015 for RON95, and slightly earlier for diesel.
He said the scheme was still at a “request for proposal” stage and that the government was still looking at proposals to determine the best package to be implemented.
He said the public would be fully informed before it came into effect.

‘Tired’ Najib wants Selangor Umno to grab back state from Pakatan

Datuk Seri Najib Razak says he is embarrassed that Barisan Nasional is the opposition in Selangor. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, November 1, 2014.Datuk Seri Najib Razak says he is embarrassed that Barisan Nasional is the opposition in Selangor. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, November 1, 2014.
Embarrassed that Barisan Nasional is the opposition in Selangor, Datuk Seri Najib Razak wants Selangor Umno to ramp up its effort to recapture the state from Pakatan Rakyat.
The Umno president said now was a good time for Selangor Umno and Barisan Nasional to capitalise on PR's recent problems, which showed its weaknesses.
"I feel so tired. It is such a big embarrassment when BN is mentioned as the opposition,” he said today at the Selangor Umno convention.
“We have to show Umno's leadership is better and that we can do better than Pakatan Rakyat.”
The state saw a change in leadership when PKR deputy president Azmin Ali took over as menteri besar.
The Selangor menteri besar saga which dragged on for months saw the PR parties of PKR, DAP and PAS clashing over the matter and affected ties among the three partners.
Najib told his party colleagues that they should work hard and make an effort to lure Selangor voters back to the party.
He said nothing would please him more than winning the state back at the next general election.
In the 13th general election last year, in its worst performance in Selangor, BN won four parliamentary seats – Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Tanjung Karang and Sungai Besar – and eight state seats – Sungai Air Tawar, Sungai Panjang, Semenyih, Dengkil, Jeram, Bukit Malawati, Sungai Burong and Permatang.

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Tambang Bas Ekspress Bakal Naik 30 % - SPAD

Rakyat Malaysia bakal berdepan dengan kenaikan caj tambang bas ekspress sebanyak 30% dan Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) kini menunggu kelulusan daripada Putrajaya bagi memuktamadkan kadar perkhidmatan tersebut, lapor Utusan Malaysia hari ini.

Pengerusi SPAD Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar berkata, keputusan mengenai pelaksanaan caj tambang bas ekspress dijangka akan dimaklumkan dalam tempoh terdekat.

"SPAD sudah syorkan kepada kerajaan permohonan mereka ( pengusaha bas). InsyaAllah kita tunggu keputusan muktamad secepat mungkin," katanya seperti dilaporkan akhbar milik Umno itu.

Kajian kenaikan caj tambang itu susulan daripada gesaan pengusaha bas di negara yang terbeban dengan kenaikan harga harga minyak selepas Putrajaya memotong subsidi.

Syed Hamid menyifatkan ia merupakan satu cadangan yang munasabah.

"Permohonan daripada pengusaha bas adalah munasabah berasaskan kepasa keperluan yang mendesak terutama selepas penurunan subsidi minyak baru- baru ini," katanya.

Bagaimanapun beliau menjamin SPAD akan mencari kaedah sesuai untuk tidak membebankan pengguna sekiranya berlaku kenaikan.

Putrajaya‎ baru-baru ini mengurangkan subsidi RON95 dan diesel sebanyak 20 sen sebagai sebahagian daripada program rasionalisasi subsidi,

Kisah Gadis Cantik Menyesal Berkahwin Dengan Ustaz

Seorg gadis yg terlalu cantik hendak bernikah tapi dia tak nak couple-couple nih, tambahan lagi dia mahukan seorg suami yg 'ultra warak'. so dia pun buat hebahan yg dia sudi menerima sesiapa je yg ingin menikahinya dgn syarat:
1) lelaki tu kena puasa sepanjang tahun
2) lelaki itu kena khatam al Quran setiap hari
3) lelaki itu kena beribadah sepanjang malam setiap hari.
Tak ada seorg pun laki sanggup nak terima ketiga2 syarat tu kecuali seorg jejaka yang sederhana perwatakan dan penampilannya. Akhirnya bernikahlah si jelita itu dgn lelaki tersebut.Sepanjang perkahwinan mereka, perempuan tu perhatikan jejaka tu.
"Eh...tak puasa pulak laki aku hari ni. Mcmana nak puasa setahun?"
"Hmm..aku tak nampak pun dia baca Quran hari ni..."
"Tak nampak pun laki aku bangun malam pagi ni. Dia tak solat malam ke?"
Selepas sebulan akhirnya permpuan tu tak tahan dah. Dia anggap jejaka tu menipu dia. Dia pun memohon cerai kat mahkamah sambil menyatakan alasan "ditipu oleh suaminya"
"Masa nak nikah dulu dia setuju syarat2 yg saya letak. Dah kawin langsung tidak tunaikan. Penipu!" Rungut si pempuan pada hakim.

Hakim pun tanya kpd jejaka tu, "kamu ingat apa syarat2 nikah yg isteri kamu letakkan?""Ingat, yang arif. Puasa sepanjang tahun, solat malam non stop setiap hari, khatam Quran setiap hari.." Jawab jejaka muda dengan nada lembut.

Hakim bertanya lagi. "Habis tu kamu tak buat ?"
pemuda tu selamba jawab, "buat."
Hakim menjerkah, "Isteri kamu kata kamu tak buat. Mcm mana ni?"
Pemuda itu tak mau mengalah. "Sungguh saya buat yang arif. Takkan saya nak tulis report card nak bagi tahu saya buat apa hari ni? Nanti riak pulak !!!"Hakim tidak puas hati, "baik. Hari ni kamu puasa tak?"
"Tak."Hakim terus potong ayat, "hah! Kamu tidak puasa hari ni, habis mcm mana kamu kata kamu puasa sepanjang tahun?"

Pemuda itu selamba menjawab, " Rasulullah telah bersabda sekiranya seorg itu menunaikan puasa Ramadhan sebulan dan kemudiannya menyambung dgn puasa sunat syawal 6 hari, maka seolah2 dia telah berpuasa sepanjang tahun. Saya puasa Ramadhan dan puasa 6 setiap tahun, jadi saya seolah2 berpuasa sepanjang tahun."
Hakim tu tersentak. "Habis tu mcm mana kamu khatam Al Quran setiap hari? Saya nak baca 3 muka surat sehari pun susah nak cari masa.Pemuda itu terus menjawab, "saya baca Surah Al Ikhlas 3 kali setiap kali saya sebelum tidur.

Rasulullah bersabda sesiapa yg membaca surah Al Ikhlas 3 kali maka seolah2nya dia telah membaca keseluruhan Al Quran." sambil buat senyuman lebar kpd hakim.

Hakim itu makin tergamam. "Solat malam pulak, bagaimana kamu buat?"Pemuda itu sekali lagi senyum. 
"Saya solat Isyak dan solat Subuh berjemaah.

Rasulullah bersabda, barangsiapa yg berjemaah pada waktu Isyak dan Subuh maka seolah2nya dia telah beribadah sepanjang malam"

dia terus menyambung,"Islam itu indah, yang arif. Tetapi kita selalu mengukur kewarakan dan kealiman seseorg itu berdasarkan banyaknya amalan seseorg itu yg dizahirkan sedangkan Allah mementingkan kualiti berbanding kuantiti. 

Kita cuma diberikan Allah 24 jam sehari semalam, maka pandai2lah kita bahagikan masa selaku manusia yg menghidupkan dunia serta mencari akhirat. Bukankah mencapai kejayaan di dunia juga merupakan ibadah, dan apa gunanya jika melakukan ibadah tanpa istiqamah, semua itu hanya sia-sia.
Hakim terangguk2 lalu memerintahkan si isteri bangun. "Awak sepatutnya beruntung. Awak telah dinikahi oleh seorg lelaki yg bukan sahaja amat warak tetapi amat berilmu.Dengan ini saya isytiharkan kes ini dibatalkan..."

Si suami tersenyum puas.. 

* amalan 3 ini bukan hanya dikhususkan kpd lelaki , perempuan juga boleh mendptkan nye peringatan bersama.. Mari kita lakukan bersama..Subhanallah‬ Islam Itu Indah

Semoga amalan2 baik didatangkan kekuatan utk saya dan seluruh ummat beramal dgn nya... Baca tau Dgn Niat baik ..Bismillah hirahmannirahim innaka la minal mursalin a'la siratim mustaqim tanzilal azizir rahim litunzira qaumamma unzira aba uhum fahum ghafilun . Kita berbagi doa ke sesama muslim....

Read more: http://hmetroo.blogspot.com/2014/09/kisah-gadis-cantik-menyesal-berkahwin.html#ixzz3HlpWdPir