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Annuar Musa: Umno can overcome its problems

UMNO Information chief Annuar Musa is confident that UMNO has the ability to address and resolve any issues plaguing the party based on its own experience.
He said all issues in the party were considered to be normal in politics.
Annuar said UMNO, as the backbone of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government would continue to face a range of challenges and issues that had been manipulated by certain parties, including the opposition.
"This is the reality of politics...we have to give proper explanations to the people.
"I do not deny that we (UMNO) do have problems...but we have the capability to handle those problems based on our own proven track records in overcoming numerous political crises," he told reporters after a meeting with information chiefs of UMNO divisions and wings at the Kedah Umno Liaison Committee Office in Alor Setar today.
For example, Annuar said the opposition had recently given the impression to the people that the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) would stop giving scholarships to students, which had created negative perceptions on the government agency.
Annuar, who is also Mara chairman, on the contrary said each year, the agency had spent RM2 billion to fund 75,000 students, locally and abroad.
Meantime, Annuar said as the new UMNO information chief, he would try to correct the negative perception against the party and explain any issues that had been distorted by the opposition.
"We want all UMNO divisions to carry out briefing sessions and provide information efficiently and comprehensively right to the grassroots level," he said.
He said he would also organise a tour to meet party members in every state and listen to their problems before drafting the work plan for the next general election.
Earlier, Annuar also had a meeting with Kedah Menteri Besar Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah, who is also Kedah UMNO liaison committee chairman.
- Bernama

Is Najib an asset or a liability to Umno and Barisan Nasional?

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Datuk Seri Najib Razak is facing what no other prime minister in Malaysia has ever faced: international scrutiny as a result of investigations by five countries involving people close to him, a domestic economic situation that is worsening, strong voices of dissent from key government officials and former national leaders, and blatant taunting by the public. All at the same time.
How long he can withstand these pressures is hard to say. Time will tell whether Umno finds him ineffective or a liability. How close is Umno to this view? The unresolved matters below may give an indication.
Unresolved matter #1 – Division within Umno
There has been a series of people being moved within Umno.
Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir was recently forced to resign as the Kedah chief minister  after losing the support of the state assembly. This has been seen as Umno strengthening itself in the northern state and also nationally.
The majority of the state assemblymen are Umno members who are aligned to Najib. Mukhriz has previously criticised the party president. He is also the son of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who happens to be one of the fiercest critics of Najib.
On the surface of things, Najib appears to have developed a stronger grip on his party. The removal of Mukhriz, however, has driven a wider wedge in Umno between Najib’s supporters and those opposing him.
Already, there are Umno grassroots members in the key southern state of Johor who have been muttering under their breath over the removal of Johorean Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as deputy prime minister last July.  Muhyiddin however, has not been removed as Umno deputy president.
Along with the removal of Muhyiddin, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, from Sabah, was also removed from his post in the Cabinet. Again, Shafie was not removed as Umno vice-president. Earlier, in May 2014, Terengganu’s chief minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Said was removed causing a furore among Umno members in the east-coast state.
In the end, Umno is still very state-centric in how power is structured. Removal of a leader from a state is regarded as a slight against Umno members and leaders of that state. The feelings run deep at the grassroots level.
Najib cannot afford to divide Umno any further at this time. He needs a truly unified Umno that will stand by him. This means he needs not just the support of the 191 division leaders in whose hands lies the fate of the president, but the Umno grassroots. (Party officials are elected by the 191 division leaders.)
Unresolved matter #2 – Economic uncertainty eating at support
The economic malaise hanging over the country does not help Najib’s position as prime minister and finance minister.
The majority of the 1.6 million civil servants are Malays. In December 2014, the government imposed a hiring freeze for the civil service affecting thousands entering the job market. To give an indication of the kind of numbers involved: in 2014 alone, there were 26,000 new appointments in the civil service.
Jobs in the private sector are limited because businesses are languishing in the slower global economic environment and fall in commodity prices. This year is likely to bring more job freezes and retrenchments in the private sector.
The escalating cost of living and the goods and services tax (GST) are making it even harder for many to make ends meet. With a good majority of the 3.5 million Umno members being either civil servants or business people, it is going to be a highly challenging year for Najib. He has to make sure Umno grassroots are able to cope.

Unresolved matter #3 – Key officials’ discontent
A few weeks ago, when the Attorney-General (A-G) Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali announced his decision to close investigations into the RM2.6 billion (US$620 million) found in the prime minister’s personal bank accounts, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) asked for a review of the decision. The MACC has issued a string of statements previously to respond to the investigation and this is simply the latest.
In August last year, several MACC officers were questioned over leaked information on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) probe. Two officers were ordered transferred to the Prime Minister’s Department. After a public furore, the transfer order was rescinded three days later.
Prior to this, other government officials were removed or transferred. This generated much skepticism among the public.
In July, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail was removed as attorney-general citing his poor health. No reason was given for the transfer of Special Branch deputy director Hamid Bador to the Prime Minister’s Office too. Hamid Bador had, prior to the transfer order, criticised the way the government handled the 1MDB matter.
Bank Negara Malaysia governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz has emphasised on a few occasions that the 1MDB saga requires some explanation. – Asean Today
* Vanitha Nadaraj is the Malaysian correspondent for Asean Today.

Jangan Takut Dipecat Kerana Kritik Najib – Tun M

PETALING JAYA: Ahli UMNO tidak perlu takut jika dipecat daripada parti kerana mendesak Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak meletak jawatan, kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Bekas Presiden UMNO berkata, jika dipecat, ia bukan satu pengakhiran kepada sebuah perjuangan menuntut keadilan sebaliknya menjadikan mereka lebih berjiwa UMNO.

“Jadi janganlah fikir jika kita disingkir oleh Najib, habislah kita ….. Tak habis ! Kita orang Melayu, ini negara kita!,” katanya dalam satu temubual yang disiarkan di blog dinturtle.blogspot.

Bekas Perdana Menteri berkata, bukan mudah untuk mendapatkan keadilan dengan memberi contoh pengalamannya sendiri yang pernah dipecat UMNO.

“Bukan mudah hendak bertindak. Saya dulu biasa bertindak zaman Tunku (Tunku Abdul Rahman) dulu, saya pun kena buang. Tapi akhirnya saya dapat balik juga. Jadi kita jangan takut kena buang.

“(Kalau) dia buang, dalam hati kita, kita masih UMNO. Saya biasa resign daripada UMNO tapi saya masih berjiwa UMNO. Bila saya balik, saya balik sebagai UMNO,” tegasnya.

Dr Mahathir yang belum berputus asa untuk menjatuhkan Najib berkata, ahli UMNO kini mempunyai platform untuk menyatakan tidak puas hati terhadap kepimpinan UMNO menerusi Gabungan Ketua Cawangan UMNO (GKCM).

“Saya mahu gerakan ini (GKCM) aktif, kalau kita nak pergi seluruh Malaysia mungkin (melibatkan) belanja banyak, tapi tiap-tiap negeri mesti ada orang (wakil) yang gerakkan. Ini cukup baik,” katanya. - FMT


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On the anniversary of Anwar Ibrahim's term in prison for that scandalous decision by the Courts of Appeal and the Federal Court in confirming the reversal of his acquittal at the High Court for allegedly engaging in consensual acts against the order of nature with Saiful, Mahathir and Najib look guiltier than ever!

Little wonder Mahathir is parodied as 'Maha Thiruden' (Tamil for 'Great Robber') and Najib as 'Serially Lying and Defrauding Prime Minister'.


1. Then Attorney-General Mohtar Abdullah "advised" Anwar to make a police report over the publication of '50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become the Prime Minister". Instead of investigating the scurrilous book and its author, Mohtar charged Anwar with Sodomy! With a friend like that, who needed an enemy? Mohtar never woke up from a coma after a stroke in 2003.

2. Mahathir gave press conferences alleging all kinds of sexual trysts and depraved acts. There were rumors of "secret tape recordings by the Special Branch in London hotels". To-date, after 17 years, not a single peep, video or photo has emerged.

3. Mahathir personally met several persons who alleged sodomy, secretly. This included the accuser Azizan Abu Bakar (Anwar's wife's chauffeur) and his backers like Ummi Hafilda, before Anwar was arrested and charged. Why did these people go to Mahathir and not the IGP? Why this Arabian Nights type of charades if it was all kosher?

4. At first, Azizan Abu Bakar could not even recall when the alleged incidents took place. He had told no one about it or made a police report until 1998, when Mahathir stepped in.

5. Following Azizan's accusation, Anwar's adopted brother Sukma, and his ex-speech writer Munawar, a US citizen, were both convicted of engaging in homosexual acts with Anwar, after they had "confessed voluntarily" to the gentle probings of our totally neutral police. At his trial, Munawar appeared so spaced out, disoriented and sick that the judge had to ask him if he needed medical assistance. He was represented in court by ex-policemen who had been called to the Bar.

6. When charged, Anwar gave the High Court the perfect alibi. The Bangsar condo in which Azizan had alleged the sexual trysts took place, had not finished construction until two years later!! Crooked AG Mohtar then confiscated all of Anwar's diaries, and when he found a gap there, persuaded Azizan to "remember" a new date for the charge. Instead of throwing the case out, Judge Augustine Paul incredibly allowed partner-in-crime Mohtar to amend the charges to 'some day between...in 1993'. What a Mahathir conspiratorial ally Paul turned out to be! 

7. Even before Anwar was asked to answer the charges against him, Paul ruled that Anwar could not pursue the defence of conspiracy. This was the first of his many "irrelevant" rulings!

8. DPP Gani Patail then produced that infamous 'Anwar's semen stained mattress' that had been stored in the open at a police station, as evidence. Firstly, it appeared from a map of the alleged semen stains, that sexual acts had taken place in cockscrew fashion all over the mattress! Secondly, even after some 5-7 years, the Chemistry Department claimed the semen stains were fresh and matched Anwar's DNA??!! Someone had manufactured evidence out of thin air!

9. Azizan was charged and convicted of sodomy earlier, but received no prison sentence or caning!

10. Azizan Abu Bakar did not produce a single witness to corroborate his accusation.

11. Azizan Abu Bakar could not name a single hotel at which the alleged crime had taken place, although he claimed it had happened several times in several hotels!

12. Judge Augustine Paul refused to allow the defence to call Mahathir as a witness. If all the allegations were true, and after all it was Mahathir who engineered the entire prosecution, why was Mahathir afraid to come to court, if he was championing the truth? Why did he slink away in gutless fashion like a true coward?

13. Half-way through the trial, when AG Mohtar and DPP Gani Patail realized their DNA evidence and case were in tatters. they filed a motion to amend the sodomy charges to abuse of power and corruption.

14. Incredibly again, Judge Augustine Paul allowed the amendment, instead of throwing the case out the nearest window. More than that, Paul, after allowing Anwar's good name to be smeared all over the world, ordered all testimony of sodomy and evidence to be "expunged" from the court records!

15. Anwar was eventually convicted of corruption and abuse of power on the uncorroborated evidence of a single Special Branch officer who testified that Anwar had ordered to him to force witnesses to retract their statements to the police. Some years later, that same officer alleged Mahathir had ordered him to stop investigating a Bank Negara Malaysia Governor in whose desk was found $1 million unaccounted for cash!

16. When the Federal Court over-turned Anwar's conviction in 2004, one of the judges scurrilously wrote that he was convinced homosexual had taken place even though he conceded that Azizan Abu Bakar was an inveterate liar! This was done to protect Mahathir who could still continue to claim that he was justified in his conspiratorial conduct. But really, what place has a judge's personal opinion in a Federal Court judgement, other than spite, intention to smear and covering-up for Mahathir's despicable and vindictive conspiracy.

17. After the trial, Azizan Abu Bakar had started a fashion boutique business. Where Azizan would have had the wealth to go into business on his savings as a driver, is anybody's guess. Half-way through the trial, Azizan was arrested for committing khalwat in September 1999. So much for Azizan's solid credentials and 'higher moral ground' that Augustine Paul, the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court had relied upon and championed.

18. What would have been Azizan's motive for lying? Well, he was sacked from his driver's job, and despite his pleadings, not reinstated. Throughout history, revenge and money have always been powerful reasons for one man to bring down another!

The entire episode was Mahathir's attempt to distract Malaysians from asking for his head for being the primary cause of the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis which wiped out many Malay and Bumiputra businesses and companies to the tune of tens of billions of ringgit. This included Mahathir's son's public listed company, Perkapalan, which was bailed out by Petronas for $1.7 billion on Mahathir's orders. When Anwar, then Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, objected to government bail out of Mahathir's nepotistic and cronies' businesses, Mahathir struck back with poison and vengeance.

Mahathir also blamed George Soros for short selling the Malaysian Ringgit, causing it to plunge to more than RM4 against the US dollar. He had lashed out at international currency traders as "rogues". However, in the 80's Mahathir himself had secretly directed Malaysia's federal reserve bank, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), to gamble against the US dollar, resulting in trading losses of more than RM30 billion. Mahathir was found out when the Opposition queried a huge hole in BNM's balance sheet. Mahathir lied in Parliament that the losses amounted to only RM6 billion, and sacked BNM Governor Jaafar Awang. In fact, he had approved BNM cooking the books to hide losses of more than RM30 billion, by re-valuing gold and other reserves upwards, and masking the real size of the massive losses. So, Mahathir demonising Soros and "rogue" currency traders was aimed at deflecting blame on his own economic planning failures. Do nt forget that Mahathir also lost the nation some $2 billion when trying to corner the tin market in the 'Maminco' fiasco. When it suited him, the international currency and futures markets were fair game for anyone with capital, but when he lost gambling big with Taxpayers' hard earned money, it was all an IMF/Zionist/Jewish/Soros plot to topple obscure Malaysia!

The BNM trader mainly responsible for those losses and who was asked to leave BNM, Nor Mohamad Yakcop, has miraculously found his way back in government. Appointed Finance Minister II from 2004-2009, he is now Head of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) with the rank of Minister in the Prime Minister's Office. Only in Malaysia! The EPU is often referred to as the Economic Plundering Unit!!


1. The appeal against Anwar's acquittal at the High Court was filed almost on the last day before the deadline expired. AG Gani Patail was reluctant to appeal. However, Najib and BUMNO hardliners pressured him to file the appeal to the Court of Appeal which promptly reversed the High Court decision!

2. As with Sodomy1 and Azizan Abu Bakar, Saiful's accusation of sodomy on 28 June 2008, was uncorroborated. He did not produce a single witness to support his allegations.

3. Najib first lied that he knew of no one named Saiful. When a photo was published of Saiful posing outside Najib's office with his aide Khairil Anas Yusof, Najib did a u-turn and said Saiful had asked for help with a scholarship and had met his aide.

4. Later, more exposes emerged of a meeting between Saiful and Najib, at Najib's home, two days before the alleged sexual act took place. Present at that meeting were also Khairil and lawyer Shafee (whom AG Gani Patail later appointed as outside counsel to handle the government's case at the Court of Appeal, and now rumored to be in line to be appointed the next AG). Then, Najib had telephone IGP Musa and later Saiful had telephoned IGP Musa who set up a meeting between Saiful and SRC Rodwan at the Melia Hotel. This was all confirmed by Saiful under oath in court! 

Apparently, Najib only advised Saiful to make a police report.


5. Prior to that meeting, Saiful had secretly met up with Khairil, his uncle 'Pet', Mumtaz Jaafar (who was a Director of the National Athletes' Foundation where Najib's wife Rosmah was the Chairman) AND Anwar's ex-right hand man who had defected to UMNO, Senator Mohamed Ezam Nor!!

6. On the day of the alleged incident having taken place at a condo owned by Anwar's friend, Saiful made every effort to make sure his image would be captured on CCTV cameras there. However, they were no recordings whatsoever of Saiful entering that particular condo.

7. Although AG Gani Patail had filed charges of consensual sex against the order of nature, Saiful had claimed under oath that it was non-consensual and that it had happened 7 or 8 times. Raped 7 or 8 seven times in various locations including in overseas hotel rooms??!! He kept going back for more punishment when he could have resigned his job with Anwar and disappeared? He never put up a fight against someone about 40-years older than him and who was known internationally to be a chronic back-ache sufferer? No witnesses, no one heard screams or protests? Why did he not file a police report earlier!

8. When there was a blatant contradiction between the 'consensual' charge and Saiful's claim under oath of of rape, Judge Yusof Zainal Abden still refused to throw out the case. 

9. If it was non-consensual, why did Saiful go to the condo with a tube of KY jelly in his pocket? Saiful only brought up the issue of KY jelly when testifying on the stand, but had made no mention of it to doctors or in his police report. This was another obvious lie by Saiful, as government chemists found no evidence of KY jelly on the bed or carpets in the condo, on his underwear or in his body!

10. A Burmese doctor at the Pusrawi Hospital, where Saiful had gone to complain of a stomach pain, had written a report that Saiful had told him that a VIP had inserted a plastic object into his anus. Saiful denied this on the stand, but that report has been published. There was no reason for an experienced and totally unconnected GP to mislead anyone. So, why did Saiful deny it? The Burmese doctor also found no evidence of forced or other penetration, no blood-stains, semen or torn clothes/underwear when examining Saiful. (Look at picture above). The DPP did not call the Burmese doctor to testify!!!! 

If there was no penetration, how could any semen have been found deep inside Saiful's body, unless he planted it there himself or with the aid of an accomplice with ulterior motives (See 14 & 15 below)? Which is where a plastic dildo might have come into play!!

11. Saiful also claimed that he had not gone to the toilet or washed himself for 3 days, when questioned about the pristine condition of DNA samples extracted from his body. Does this sound credible to anyone? This is the stuff of babies in the womb choking themselves laughing!

12. Testimony was introduced showing that the day after the alleged incident, Saiful had been seen at Anwar's house, none the worse for wear!

13. Saiful had testified that although he had campaigned for UMNO, he had voted for Anwar and the Opposition!! This dove-tails with another of his claims that Anwar had bought "expensive" designer jeans for him. However, when checked, the jeans in question was found with the labels snipped off, and appeared to be a fake, of the kind sold in Petaling Street. Saiful's claims were convenient, worthless and desperate statements that could not be proved!

14. Despite objections from the Chemistry Department Head, Inspector Jude Pereira had removed DNA samples stored in their freezer and kept it in his desk drawer at Brickfields Police Station. When questioned how he could have been sure about the temperature in those desk drawers at his air-conditioned office to ensure no degradation of the DNA samples, Jude gave his now infamous and scurrilous reply - "I stuck my hands in the drawers and it felt okay"??!!

15. Inspector Jude claimed he only wanted to re-label the samples for clarity, yet after 96 hours outside SOP rules of storage, doctors and chemists swore the DNA samples were pristine, which was a statistical impossibility! Why re-label in secrecy? Why could Inspector Jude not have re-labelled the samples at the Chemistry Department in the presence of its Head and other officers? It's obvious Jude was up to no good, yet the Federal Court dismissed this most crucial evidence that there was a conspiracy to frame Anwar! 

At the High Court, Judge Zainal Abiden, in freeing Anwar, had been convinced that Jude had compromised the chain and nature of the DNA samples. He was the only judge who could have noted Jude's demeanour, body language and the guilty look on his face when pounded by defence lawyers. Yet, the judges at the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court, which included Chief Justice Arifin, refused to concur with Abiden's logical evaluation and judgement. 

16. The High Court judge refused to allow the defence access to Saiful's cautioned statement to the police, other legal documents and the prosecutions list of witnesses!

17. The DNA evidence extracted from Saiful's body suggested the strong possibility that Saiful had sex with other men. This made nonsense of Saiful's claim that he was straight as an arrow. The prosecution glossed over this by claiming the samples could have been contaminated by male doctors. It prompted Anwar's lawyer Ram Karpa singh to remark:

"It seems half a football team's DNA was found on Saiful, but you chose not to report it"! CLICK HERE. The Chemistry Department's DNA specialist, Dr.Seah Lay Hong, refused to respond!

18. In March 2013, Saiful's father, Azlan Mohamad Lazim, held a press conference where he announced that the persecution of Anwar on sodomy charges was an evil political conspiracy planned in Najib's office. Quote: "Even the script I read out to the press after Anwar's acquittal at the High Court was prepared by Najib's officers". CLICK HERE.

Saiful was obviously planted in Anwar's office by Najib and his co-conspirators to try and incriminate Anwar any way they could - innuendos, half-truths and plain lies.

This conspiracy could not in any way have involved ex-PM Badawi. How could it, when it was Badawi and his son-in-law KJ who made sure Anwar's Sodomy1 unjust conviction was squashed in 2004?

Donplaypuks® with political persecutions and conspiracies, Mahathir and serially lying and defrauding PM Najib!

1. Will The PAC Hearings Be Compromised? 2. Singapore still playing a game? 3. Question for Apandi remains unanswered.

Image result for 1MDB, Singapore, AG Apandi

Yes they will be if they DO NOT do a few things. Do read on.

Before that I want to reiterate a few points. The first one is addressed to the Malaysian media, especially the Online media. If they cannot take this up, then I hope the foreign media who read this will perhaps take it up. It has to do with the AG Apandi Ali.

1. AG Apandi Ali's reference to Najib returning RM2.03 Billion to the Saudi donor in Aug 2013.  Question remains unanswered

This was the main line of argument used by Apandi to dismiss the MACC report which has reccomended that charges be prosecuted against the Prime Minister. The fact that the MACC wants to appeal the AG's decision NOT to charge Najib is evidence enough that the MACC has reccomended that Najib be charged with crimes. Although I have not seen the report myself but this is what we can gather from the media reports.

The question is where did Apandi get the information that Najib had returned the RM2.03 billion back to the Saudi donor? Because certainly if this information was specifically mentioned in the MACC's investigation papers then surely the MACC would have said so too. Just like the MACC did say in public that the money was a donation from someone in Saudi Arabia.

The conclusion I draw from all this is that the MACC DID NOT say in their investigation papers that the RM2.03 billion was returned to the Saudis in Aug. 2013. So how did Apandi come to make exactly the same statement?

I hope the AG can confirm or deny this question. 

I hope the Press will take it up as well.  

If the MACC DID NOT say so in their investigation report, then how did the AG get the information that RM2.03 billion was returned to the Saudis in Aug. 2013? 

Under the law the Public Prosecutor cannot conduct his own investigation.

The Public Prosecutor also cannot introduce any evidence outside the legally determined process.  It goes without saying that introducing evidence outside the legally accepted process can be deemed as 'fabricating evidence'. 

2.   Is Singapore still playing a game?

Singapore is still playing a wait and see game. I must apologise for incorrect wording the other day. It is that Yak fellow (the former BSI Bank and Coutts Bank manager in Singapore who handled Jho Low and 1MDB accounts) who has filed affidavits at the S'pore High Courts to unfreeze his bank accounts in Singapore which have about S10 million  (RM 30 million).  But his case has stopped or slowed down. After filing his affidavits things have gone quiet.

In his affidavits he has mentioned Jho Low and 1MDb among others. So both these names are now in the public record in the Court.  Then stopped. It is as if it was scripted.

His accounts remain frozen and Singapore has not announced any prosecution against Yak.  So accounts frozen, but no prosecution.

The Singaporeans  are likely waiting for the others like the Swiss, the Feds in the US and maybe even Hong Kong to begin prosecution or other legal action in this case. Perhaps then they may take action too. Until then it looks like the "do nothing" option in Singapore. 

Ganesh Sahathevan has made rather direct warnings against Singapore for their inaction which I dont wish to repeat here. But the people of Malaysia should and will remember. 

The Swiss have a strange predicament. They say they have discovered US4 billion (about RM17 billion) stolen from a company owned by the Malaysian gomen.  But what if the Malaysian gomen says, 'No, there is no such thing.  None of our money has been stolen by anyone.'    Wouldnt that make the Swiss look foolish?  How can you prosecute a theft if the victim refuses to acknowledge their money has been stolen?

It would appear that the Swiss who are world famous for their engineering, for Rolex,  Breitling and Patek Phillippe (also for cuckoo clocks and Swiss cheese) and over 200 years of international banking suddenly do not know how to detect  stolen money, hot money or money laundering through their banking system.

Would a rather dim witted retired judge from Kelantan in a country with hardly 60 years of managing its own financial system  know better than the Swiss about  illegal money flows?  In this case they may think they do. Jaguh kampong has become jaguh dunia, but only via email.  

3.   Will The PAC Hearings Be Compromised?

Can anyone recall the name of the PAC  chairman? Its that fellow who replaced JJ in Rompin. JJ was a crony of the PM.  Also a bag carrier and b*ll carrier. 

Anyway what is happening to the PAC?

The PAC's hearings will be disastrously incomplete if they did not call :

1. the 1st Chairman of 1MDB Bakke Salleh  to give evidence. This is the guy who protested the payment of those funds by the 1MDB and asked for the funds to be recovered. Then when that did not happen he resigned from his post.  

If Bakke Salleh is not called then dont blame the people if they say the PAC has been compromised.  (Update : Tan Sri Bakke Salleh has appeared at the PAC last week. he said he resigned twice.)

2. Jho Low - in everyone's perception this guy is the crook who stole the money.  Surely he must be called to testify. Plus they must prepare the right questions to ask him. "Where were you born?" is not enough.  

If Jho Low is not called then dont blame the people if they say the PAC has been compromised.

3.  Former AG Tan Sri Ghani Patail must be called to the PAC. He should be the Number 1 Star Witness. Because it must be determined if he did indeed prepare charge sheets to charge Najib in Court, just a few days before he was summarily removed from his post.    Plus he must be asked if during the course of his investigations whether the AG's Chambers requested MLA (Mutual Legal Assistance) from any foreign countries like Singapore? Because the present AG has said that he does not see the requirement for any Mutual Legal Assistance requests over these cases to any foreign countries. This is simply not an acceptable answer. 

If Tan Sri Ghani Patail is not called then dont blame the people if they say the PAC has been compromised.

4. The MACC must be called to testify at the PAC.  And the PAC must call Dato Shukri Abdul, Dato Bahari Zin, Dato Rohaizad something as well as the Commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim to testify.  These guys were all under serious pressure and two of them were also transferred to the PM's Office as a disciplinary measure because they were doing their job too well. 

If the MACC guys Dato Shukri Abdul, Dato Bahari Zin, Dato Rohaizad something and the Commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim are not called to testify at the PAC then dont blame the people if they say the PAC has been compromised.

5.  The ex Deputy Chief of the Special Branch Dato Hamid Bador must also be called to the PAC.  Hamid Bador was also involved as an investigator in the special Task Force that was investigating 1MDB, SRC, Najib etc. This guy came out strongly against the Prime Minister's involvement in the 1MDB and its related cases. He too was stripped of his post and transferred to the PMO as a disciplinary action for being so frank and truthful about what he had found out from investigating the corruption scandal involving 1MDB.

If Dato Hamid Bador is not called then dont blame the people if they say the PAC has been compromised.

6. Tan Seri Zeti the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia must be called to testify at the PAC.  Tan Sri Zeti made strong recommendations to the AG that charges be filed against 1MDB. Bank Negara made public their reasons for recommending that the AG prosecute their investigations in Court. Instead the AG dismissed Bank Negara's investigations, just like the AG dismissed the MACC's investigations. 

If Tan Sri Zeti Aziz is not called then dont blame the people if they say the PAC has been compromised.

7. Finally  Najib Razak (and Rosmah Mansor) must be called to testify at the PAC. Because these two people are in the middle of all the allegations over the 1MDB scandal, SRC,  the flow of funds, money going to make Hollywood movies etc. 

If this were a Court case then Rosmah Mansor need not be called because there may not be a strict, legal connection between her and any of these allegations.

But this is NOT a Court hearing. It is a Parliamentary committee. A Public Accounts Committee which is NOT a Court but a public body representing the public interest. Surely the public's interest must be protected from all people who may have done things that are not right.  

Plus, the IGP Khalid Abu Bakar has acknowledged that he will not investigate reports of RM2 million found in a bank account belonging to Rosmah Mansor. The IGP said point blank that shall be the responsibility of the Task Force. 

This should be sufficient grounds for the PAC to call Rosmah Mansor also to testify. The PAC should not be frightened of a house wife. Rosmah Mansor has already said that she is just a housewife who depends on her husband to give her RM1200 to pay her hairdresser.   (Still looks terrible).  

If the PAC does not call :

1.  Najib and Rosmah
2.  Zeti Aziz of BNM
3. Hamid Bador ex SB
3. the MACC guys Dato Shukri Abdul, Dato Bahari Zin, Dato Rohaizad something and Commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim    
4. former AG Tan Sri Ghani Patail
5. chief crook Jho Low
6. former 1MDB Chairman Bakke Salleh (appeared at PAC last week)

then who else are they going to call? Dont waste time calling the office boy, the janitor, the clerk, the unrelated people, the junior grade officers etc who  will not add much value to the investigation.

If the PAc invites all the unrelated, inconsequential people then dont blame the public if the public feels that the PAC is just a rubber stamp for you know what and you know who.  This is what the public will say.

Without calling those people listed above, the PAC might as well NOT waste public money and waste the public's time.  Just stop the investigation and say 'No case.'  

During the Al Maunah incident, UMNO's new found ally Hadi Bawang said  'Ini semua lakonan saja'. 

So the same applies to the PAC.   Jangan pura-pura ok.  Tak payah berlakon.

Wanita Terkaya di Malaysia?

Rakyat Derita Hidup, Menteri Penuh Mewah Dengan Koleksi Kereta Jutaan Ringgit....

Sedang asyik surfing blog -blog sahabat terjumpa pula satu post menarik, cerita kekayaan seorang menteri yang dikatakan "TOMBOY" dulu, 

Menteri nei juga ada isu salah laku semasa menjawat jawatan menteri dahulu, banyak penyelewengan dikesan semasa dia menjawat portfolio kementerian berkenaan, antaranya harga barangan yang sama sekali tidak masuk akal

Tertarik dengan apa persoalan yang disampaikan sahabat tersebut.
'Bayangkan betapa susah atelit kita mahu berlatih kerana tidak cukup kewangan, betapa susahnya kita membayar cukai dan betapa kah hina nya wang ini adalah wang rakyat" ujar sahabat itu lagi

Antara koleksi menteri merangkap bekas ketua puteri umno yang tidak berapa puteri itu ialah  Porche , Mercd , Smart Car, Land Rover , Alphard , banyak lagi entah parking di mana.

Persoalannya dari mana datangnya sumber kewangan untuk membeli semua ini, membawar cukai jalan dan maintenance kenderaan tersebut

Ini sebahagian wang yang digunakan untuk membeli kenderaan,  jumlah wang lain yang dihabiskan untuk perkara lain berapa pula nilainya, Adakah menteri dimalaysia boleh jadi kaya hanya dengan menjadi menteri dalam beberapa penggal, atau ??

"Wahai penduduk Pengerang , inilah wakil parlimen kamu, kamu bersyukur kerana dapat ahli Parlimen terkaya. Mungkin kereta ini tidak menggunakan nama Azalina, tapi sendiri faham lah. Lepas ini kita siarkan gambar senarai rumah Azalina. Apakah dia wanita terkaya di Malaysia?"


Well, I don’t know about you, but I detest losers and love winners, especially a winner who everyone said was going to die in July 2015 but did not — like I said he would not and who was the only one who said so. So I say Najib and not Dr Mahathir should be Prime Minister. And I say Najib is going to be Prime Minister for some time to come. And if you think I am wrong then start placing your bets because I plan to make a lot of money from betting with politically ignorant people.
Quite a number of readers give their feedback and offer their views through e-mails, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. — such as the one below. Some even phone me to give me their views. I suppose they feel that comments in the Blogs, Facebook and Twitter — or on the Internet in general — are merely for when you want to scold, curse and swear and not for exchanging views or debating issues. And by visiting The Ant Daily, Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, The Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Chronicle, etc., you will know what I mean.
Anyway, this reader by the name of Fariq Islam (see below) has his views about what makes Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad tick. He has analysed Dr Mahathir as a master of the strategy of divide-and-rule. Dr Mahathir used the Chinese to punish Umno and then, when they did, he turned on the Chinese and blamed BN’s 2008 election ‘disaster’ for what he called a ‘Chinese Tsunami’. Fariq says that Dr Mahathir is good in ‘calculation’ and in ‘playing chess’ — meaning, I suppose, he is a master tactician.
Maybe what Fariq said can be summed up in just one word, Machiavellian. Yes, Dr Mahathir is Machiavellian. And he has demonstrated this Machiavellian streak over 50 years since the 1960s. The other thing that Dr Mahathir is: he is very predictable. You sort of know what he is going to do before he does it. And he repeats the same tactics over and over again whether it is a winning strategy or not.
Back in 1987 I asked Datuk Dr Wan Ismail a.k.a. Pak Wan (Dr Wan Azizah of PKR’s father — who was in charge of our perang safar unit) why Dr Mahathir did what he was doing. I just could not figure out that old man (whom at that time we called ‘bomoh’ — and those who were in our circle would know this). He seemed to go against every political ‘convention’ at the time and would refuse to listen to advice.
Pak Wan gave a very classic reply, which I still remember until today. “Dr Mahathir is a doctor, just like me,” said Pak Wan. “And as a doctor whenever there is something wrong we just cucuk.” So that is how Dr Mahathir solves things. He just takes a large needle and jabs you. And then he sends you away and assumes you will get cured — or die.
The last 12 months, however, have shown that Dr Mahathir’s ‘skills’ can no longer apply. Back in 1999 some of those in Anwar Ibrahim’s circle told me that Pak Wan’s strategies were a bit ketinggalan zaman (outdated). Anyway, since he is Dr Wan Azizah’s father, we were told to give him time and listen to him but no need to actually take his advice or do what he suggests.
So I continued ‘working’ with Pak Wan all through 1999 to 2004 (until I started Malaysia Today in 2004) — just like I did in 1987 right up to the time Anwar challenged Tun Ghafar Baba for the Umno deputy presidency in 1993. And I could see that Pak Wan had not kept up with the times. Pak Wan’s style was from the pre-Internet era. And 1998 was when Malaysian politics began to be played on the Internet, and even more so ten years later in 2008, as even Umno admits.
And this is more or less how Dr Mahathir does things as well. Pak Wan and Dr Mahathir are both from the same ‘old school’. So you can expect them to share the same outdated doctrine. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, however, is open to new ideas and can accept the fact that times do change so we need to change with the times.
One very crucial element in this game of thrones is you must know yourself and you must know your enemy. While Najib knows himself, plus he knows his enemy or enemies, Dr Mahathir does not know his enemies (although he thinks he does) — and he appears to not know himself as well (he suffers from an identity crisis).
And this is the trouble with an actor who has been acting in the same role for too long. You tend to forget which is the real you and which is the stage you. You confuse the real you with the stage you. You end up becoming the stage you and get confused into thinking that this is actually the real you.
So, as they would say in the west: will the real Dr Mahathir please stand up! Yes, which is the real Dr Mahathir? I think even Dr Mahathir himself does not know the real Dr Mahathir. And this more or less brings you to the boundary of being delusional. You imagine yourself as being something or someone that you are not.
Once you think you can walk on water then you become very dangerous — not only to the country but also to yourself as well. A man who thinks that out of 30 million Malaysians he is the one-and-only Malaysian who is capable enough to decide how the country should be run is downright toxic and detrimental to the country’s health. Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Kim Il Sung, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Chiang Kai-shek, etc., have shown us this.
Whether by proxy or by himself, it is still Dr M calling the shots if Najib gets kicked out
The issue here is simple. Who do you want as Malaysia’s Prime Minister? Najib Tun Razak or Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad? Yes, at the end of the day it all boils down to only that: whom do you want as Prime Minister, Najib or Dr Mahathir?
Many have gone to meet Dr Mahathir to discuss the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign). They discuss the matter of ousting Najib. But then they never sentuh the matter of who should take over once Najib is ousted. Even Kadir Jasin, Dr Mahathir’s mouthpiece, talked so much about why Najib should be ousted but when asked who should take over after that he refuses to comment.
The same goes for many others such as Mukhriz Mahathir, Shafie Apdal, Khairuddin Abu Hassan, Matthias Chang, Ibrahim Ali, and many more (the Special Branch and MACC officers included). They all talk about ousting Najib but they never touch the subject of Najib’s successor. For that matter I, too, have personally posed this question to Dr Mahathir but he refused to name the person who should take over once Najib is ousted.
And the reason is elementary, my dear Watson. The man who will take over once Najib is ousted would be Dr Mahathir himself. Dr Mahathir is going to be the new Prime Minister of Malaysia. Whether he is going to rule by proxy is not the issue. The issue is he is the one who is going to rule…period.
People get confused between reigning and ruling. They think both are the same. Both are actually quite different. You may have one but that does not mean when you have one then you automatically have both. It is like what we spoke about earlier regarding political position versus political power and how having one does not mean you have both.
Dr Mahathir is not interested in reigning. He knows he needs to be a Member of Parliament to reign. Anyway, he is too old to reign. Even His Majesty the Agong reigns but that does not mean His Majesty also rules. The one that rules is Parliament, or those that control the majority seats in Parliament. So better to rule than to reign if you cannot have both at the same time.
But then is Dr Mahathir the right candidate to replace Najib and to rule Malaysia? Well, the last 12 months have shown that Dr Mahathir is a spent force that still applies old school politics in trying to gain power. Dr Mahathir lacks moral ethics (as has been so his entire career) and he applies the Machiavellian doctrine of the end justifying the means and an enemy of an enemy is my friend (which is why DAP and Pakatan Harapan love him so much).
Of course, Dr Mahathir said he is just being pragmatic and that Malays should also be pragmatic like the Chinese and not be too emotional and feudalistic. That is another way of saying Malays should not be too principled and must be prepared to do whatever it takes to get ahead. And this doctrine of Dr Mahathir already reveals what stuff he is made of.
And Najib knows this very well. He could read Dr Mahathir like an open book. Everyone has certain strengths and weaknesses so you should know your own strengths and weaknesses and also that of your enemies. In short, you need to do a SWOT Analysis so that you know both yourself and your enemy.
And this is what Najib did. He audited his ‘Political Balance Sheet’ plus that of his enemies. He evaluated the assets and liabilities of both himself and his opponents. He got rid of his liabilities and capitalised on his assets. And then he made his moves. And when he moved he did not shout and scream like those from the ANC or Pakatan Harapan. Najib stood tall, walked softly, and carried a big stick. And he exploited his enemies’ assets and used their liabilities against them like how a Taichi master would.
And that is the main difference between Najib and his adversaries. Najib is a chess-master, mathematician and strategist. And because of that Najib caught all his opponents with their pants down. They did not know what hit them. One day they were celebrating what they thought was their victory and the next day their head was on a silver platter. And, more importantly, Dr Mahathir, the man who would be Prime Minister, was one of those in this group who thought he had won only to find out that he had been decapitated without even seeing Najib’s sword strike his neck.
So Najib proved to be the better politician in the end. And Dr Mahathir proved to be a failure after all. So, I ask you once again, who should be Prime Minister, Najib or Dr Mahathir?
Well, I don’t know about you, but I detest losers and love winners, especially a winner who everyone said was going to die in July 2015 but did not — like I said he would not and who was the only one who said so. So I say Najib and not Dr Mahathir should be Prime Minister. And I say Najib is going to be Prime Minister for some time to come. And if you think I am wrong then start placing your bets because I plan to make a lot of money from betting with politically ignorant people.
Dear Raja,
I am a loyal reader of your articles and would like to voice out my opinion on the following statement:
The bottom line is: in 2006 Dr Mahathir told Malaysians to punish Umno by voting opposition in 2008 so that the Prime Minister can be ousted. In 2016, Muhyiddin is telling Malaysians to punish Umno by voting opposition in 2018 so that the Prime Minister can be ousted.
Actually, the truth was that Dr Mahathir told Malaysian Chinese to punish UMNO. He was a master of “divide-and-rule” tactics. He knew well that if all Malaysians opted for the Opposition, and changed the Government, he would be in trouble. He was the cause of Anwar being in jailed. Do not think that Anwar will let him stay comfortably if the Opposition comes to power?
So, he was good in calculation and in playing chess. If all Malaysians, including Malay and Chinese, went for the Opposition, and BN lost, he would be in trouble. If only the Malaysian Chinese went for the Opposition, and BN still won, but with a very slim majority, that would be a great excuse to call for Pak Lah to step down. And, of course, he made it grounds for the further division of the Malays and Chinese and for blaming it on the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ and so forth.
Therefore, Dr Mahathir chose the latter strategy and successfully forced Pak Lah to step down — and the Chinese being made to bear the blame for not sustaining BN’s two-thirds majority in Parliament.
The poor Chinese were once again manipulated and victimised in this political game!
Najib is wise in introducing and advocating the 1Malaysia concept. But administratively it is failed because of his subordinates such as Ismail Sabri, Shabery Chik, Jamal and Tajuddin, who continuously made racist statements to hurt the Chinese community. We wish the PM realises this fact and be a good PM for all Malaysians.
Fariq Islam
- http://www.malaysia-today.net/